How Racksterli Is Building Back Investors Confidence

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme continues to sit on a time bomb as long as the confidence level of investors remains unstable.

The management of the company ought to be reminded that the new website has a high probability chance of going down when investors lose confidence in the company.

As revealed by the CEO of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere in April, 2021, the company had N3 Billion in liquidity before Racksterli 1.0 crashed.

This goes to buttress the fact that Racksterli never had financial crisis; rather, the confidence level of investors led to panic, fear, and trepidation.

Fear, panic, negative vibes and emotions are currently fuelling the dwindling confidence levels of investors.

The aforementioned conditions led investors to crash Racksterli 1.0, when those cashing out decided to pull out their Investments completely without reinvesting.

It is worth noting here that, based on background research carried out recently, these group of Subscribers are on course to crash the new website tagged’Racksterli 2.0 except the management acts fast.

As revealed by recently, several Investors have set a four months target to dump the new platform and pull out their Investments.

These investors are trepidated after reports emerged recently that Racksterli had not refunded Invested Capital back to old investors for more than 15 days.

However, in swift response to the above reports, the CEO of Racksterli Mr Michael Chidiebere revealed that the refunding process was still ongoing.

Mr Chidiebere equally announced the reopening of the Double Coupon Offer, with the scheme kicking off again on Thursday May 20, 2021.

The reopening of the Double Coupon Offer scheme breathed a sigh of relief to lots of investors who decided to embrace the opportunity with open arms.

As at the time of filing this report, based on testimonies from old website Subscribers, we can report that several thousands of investors are massively embracing the double Coupon Offer.

This renewed enthusiasm by Racksterli Old Investors to do business with the company has raised the confidence level of the new website Investors.

This confidence level must be sustained at all cost, and this was part of the main reason why Racksterli had to acquire a new gigantic temporary office for an enhanced service delivery to Investors.

“We understand that one of the ways to build confidence in our subscribers is by reassuring them that when they have issues, they can reach out to us and have it fixed”, Mr Michael Chidiebere wrote on Telegram.

“Now, we won’t only bring back all our old workforce, we would also be adding more workforce”, he revealed.

This latest development has certainly helped in not only repairing the reputation of Racksterli, but it has lifted the spirits of investors.

Basking in the euphoria of this uplift in the confidence level of investors, Mr Michael Chidiebere declared on Saturday May 22, 2021:

“Every realm that I step in, I will dominate. I am determined to win no matter what season I am in.

“I am relentless, resilient, and I will not bow down. I will change the game from what you used to know to what you only see in movies.

Writing on his official WhatsApp status on Sunday May 23, 2021, Mr Michael Chidiebere said:

“A survivor would sit and wallow in the pain of the past, but a winner would stand up and build even when it’s broken.

“It is your choice to decide if you want to just keep surviving or you want to be a winner

Racksterli must keep the momentum going and ensure that no stone is left unturned in the collective efforts to reposition the company in its rightful place as the number 1 affiliate marketing programme in Nigeria.

The Management of Racksterli must be sensitive to the confidence level of investors, for as long as they have confidence in the company then the new platform must survive till December, 2021 in the short term.


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