“I won’t be a Vendor on Racksterli 2.0”, Bola Writes to Investors


Dear All,

I want to sincerely thank you all for your followership these past few months. Also for your support during the trying times, I say a big thank you. Some of you had other thoughts and beliefs but it’s not your fault and I apologise for you having to have so much doubts and distrust. I understand the situation.. all the same thank you for sticking around for information from me.

The purpose of this write up is to officially announce that going forward, *I will not be a vendor on racksterli*. All my assistants will also not be involved in code sales.

I implore everyone and anyone who would be involved in the new platform to check the new site upon release for available vendors.

Please note that I have no issues or disagreement with the company or the CEO, infact I was a very huge supporter. But I am not a supporter of the new development as the move doesn’t represent what I stand for as an individual and long time investor.

Before I joined racksterli, I had a business, was into crypto/forex trading and was doing very well as a network marketer, selling codes took alot of my time I had to take some time off my personal business.

I will be revisiting my life now and making the most of it. Many people were awed by my investments, but they were all an accumulation of my hardwork for the past 2 years as a network marketer.

Racksterli was fun while it lasted and was indeed transparent, I hope the best for those going forward with racksterli 2.0.

Some still believe I have been settled, please note that there is nothing like settlement and I am waiting just like everyone of you to be refunded. I wish us all luck as we wait.

Yours Sincerely

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