If You Paid For Double Code Offer, Then You Need to Read This

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme launched the Double Coupon Offer in April, 2021 to enable Investors of the company recoup their Investments in the old website.

This special arrangement ended on Friday May 7, 2021 which thousands of investors scrambling to get their investments from the old website.

Many of the Investors on the old website who made payments into the company Official bank account details before the deadline have not been given their double codes.

If you belong to this group, then know that you are not alone.

One of the writers for this website wrote to the customer care service of Racksterli to ascertain the reason behind why thousands of investors have not been given their double Coupon Codes.

Read the reply below:

“Hello ,

“Thank you for contacting Racksterli Customer Care.

“Sorry about the response, you are yet to receive from the verification team.

“As stated by our CEO, due to the huge influx of mails and the mandatory need for verification process to be thorough and detailed, to curb falsification by some investors to defraud the system.

“We are ensuring that all emails awaiting response are attended as soon as we get to it. Backlogs are given priority; yours inclusive.

“Please do not use different emails to send same mail, as well as not sending the same mail multiple times, as emails are attended to from least to most recent.

“Kindly ensure all information needed is sent at once, to avoid back and forth that may delay the process further.

“Patience cannot be overemphasized now, one thing you can be rest assured is; once verification is done with your mail, your code would arrive.

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