I’m A Virgin, I know Nothing About Sex! —Seyi Hunter

A Nigerian entertainer, has declared that she is a as well.

A Performing Arts, Industrial and Labour Relations’ graduate from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, , Seyi, born of an Igbo father and Akwa-Ibom mother, started out her in the Yoruba sector and has since featured in closeto twenty films in both Yoruba and English language movies.

In this interview with , the wave-making talks about her career, , , among other :

When and how did you start acting professionally?

I started acting in 2011. I entered the industry through Funsho Adeolu. I met him at a movie location.

What has been your experience since you started?

It’s been tough. But with God on my side, I’ve been able to achieve a lot within the short period I’ve been in the industry.

Which movies have you done?

, , , , , , etc. The include , , etc.

What challenges do you encounter as an upcoming actress in the industry?

The truth is they don’t really pay us well as upcoming actresses. Another challenge is getting roles. Though for me, God has been faithful. When I go to any location or for a
production, I get another job from that one. It’s as if one job gives birth to another.

So far, people I’ve met are people who want to help me, who are willing to stick their necks out for me. People like Collins Onwochei, Chico Ejiro, Damijo Efe Young, Funsho Adeolu and others.

What would you say is your selling point?

(Laughs) Look at me now. It’s not as if I’m so endowed physically. I’m just one humble girl next door. Favour is my selling point.

If you could change anything in the industry, what would that be?

It’s the practice of not paying or appreciating new actresses. They feel that because you’re upcoming, they are doing you a favour by featuring you in the movie. That’s one trend I’d like to change.

I have told myself that whatever production I do, everyone must be paid as long as you worked on that set, you should be paid for it. Besides that, I think Nollywood has improved a lot.

What would you have been, if you weren’t an actress?

I think probably a dancer. I used to dance and then I stopped and started acting. So, I would have been dancing or modelling if I wasn’t acting.

I love to entertain, so I would still be in the entertainment industry. The truth is I’ve always wanted to act, though I started as a dancer.

What’s your view on pornography in the industry?

So far I’ve not done any pornographic movie and I’ve not gotten any pornographic script.

What if you were asked to, would you?

Let that time come first. When I get to that bridge, I would cross it.

Can you go nude in a movie?

I can’t go stark nude in any movie. I can’t even strip naked in front of any body.

Would you have in a movie?

We don’t have real sex in movies, it’s make-believe, we don’t do the real thing. I can , smooch and touch. It’s my job, there’s nothing to it and it ends there, it doesn’t go beyond
the camera.

Define your fashion style?

I’m just an ordinary person when it comes to fashion. I wear things I’m comfortable in, I don’t follow trends. As long as it suits me and I’m comfortable in it, I go with it.

How do you unwind?

I’m basically an indoorperson. I hardly go out, but once in a while, my friends and colleagues drag me out. I just like to read novels and watch movies.

Educational Background?

My primary and secondary education were in Surulere. Then, I had my university education at the Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ogun State where I studied Performing Arts.

What was your first time on set like?

The movie was a Yoruba movie, Aromodomo. It was shot in Ibadan.

I was a bit nervous at first and Funsho Adeolu was the one who encouraged me. He told me to imagine I was in a theatre hall about to have a stage play with my colleagues. That was how I was able to flow.

What’s the most challenging role you’ve played so far?

Broken Fixtures, where I had to kiss and . The role I played in My Club was also challenging because I had to drink and smoke, which I don’t do in real life.

Is there a role you would turn down?

As long as I’m not required to have actual sex, I can’t turn down any role.

Who’s your ideal man?

My ideal man is someone who is God-fearing, understands me and my job, someone who is loving and extremely caring. He also has to be nice to a fault.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes. I was attracted to him because of the fact that he’s born again, spoils me with gifts and puts my needs before his own.

Sex and money, which is more important to you in a relationship?

I know nothing about sex, I’m a virgin. Money is more important to me in a relationship.

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