INEC Must Curb Voter Suppression & Disenfranchisement Now

Are we going to continue to pretend we’ve not seen or noticed the widespread disenfranchisement of Peter Obi Supporters by PDP & APC agents? This is pervasive in Lagos & Abuja, in fact, it’s spread across Nigeria. Some get beaten by thugs, others get sent away.

This has got to stop. No Nigerian is more Nigerian than any Nigerian. INEC is under stress quite alright, but they are understaffed & lack funding, protection & adequate machines. Makes one wonder if INEC can handle the next election?

I don’t think the Commission has justified their huge budgetary provisions in the 2021/2022 Appropriations.

Nigeria goes into town cutting down dissenting voices in its wake. She offers you misery or death. Choose, it matters not to Nigeria.

This pervasive Voter Suppression & Disenfranchisement predominantly against ObiDIENTS (Peter Obi supporters), is provocation taken too far!! If the situation doesn’t change or improve, WE the Soro Soke may be forced to do something about it.

In what is fast becoming another #EndSARS Attacks & violent suppression, the Soro Soke are increasingly under danger for wanting to exercise their Civic Responsibilities, as citizens. This is not alright!! It shouldn’t happen in a so-called Democracy.

You guys taunt us with: “No pulling unit on Twitter, All politics is local, Do you have PVC? You are Twitter Warriors & Online voters.” Now we out to get registered, but you won’t let us!!

What did the Soro Soke do to Nigeria to deserve this kind of cold-provocative treatment?

Nigeria has never asked us what we want? She’s never given us anything. We provide food, shelter, healthcare, schooling & mobility for ourselves. So Nigeria shouldn’t add to our stressors, it’s bad as it is already. Give us Liberty or give us Freedom, you can’t keep them both.

We want to vote, in fact, we MUST vote. Suffrage is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE. Don’t make us some budding suffragists & suffragettes!! Peter Obi is an idea whose time has come. You can’t stop an organic movement of people who want the Throne of Good Men restored.

So you have two options: join us or stay the hell out of our way. Once again; I urge you Nigerians, the Soro Soke, My People, ObiDIENTS, don’t give up this fight!! Posterity is with you!! The World is with you! All the Heavens hear you!! The race is a marathon not a sprint.

[INEC must curb this Voter suppression & Disenfranchisement now before it ignites a crisis that could have been averted].


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