Investors Calling For EFCC Don’t Have Reasonable Funds With Racksterli

A Racksterlian, Flicksmedia, has urged every legitimate investor that Invested into Racksterli affiliate marketing income programme to be weary of unscrupulous elements that are fighting to tear down the company.

Writing on WhatsApp on Sunday June 13, 2021, FlicksMedia noted that all those people clamouring and calling for EFCC to wade into Racksterli current crisis do not have funds or reasonable funds with the company.

“The EFCC you are talking about will only make the whole situation worst in case you don’t know”, he remarked.

He concluded his write-up by pleading with every legitimate investor of Racksterli to calm down.

Read the full write-up below:

All those calling for EFCC don’t have funds or reasonable funds with Racksterli na.

Shey you are seeing what is happening in the protest ground where the leaders won’t even give you a voice to speak and it is same people you thought they can help you.

Where were they when you are suffering looking for money and means of survival?

The EFCC you are talking about will only make the whole situation worst in case you don’t know.

I have been pleading that everyone should calm down but you guys don’t want to use your head.

This is online business and shits happens but this guy have been trying better than other .

How have you been able to attack Dessi Media or Primevault CEO???

It is better we calm down and follow my chidi gradually and stop all this reporting of Accounts and thinking of penalty for him cos at the end of the day we will loose all

Think about this.


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