Is Buhari Sick? YES, BUHARI IS SICK; AND SO AM I By Vitus Ozoke

Nigerians and their infinite capacity for facile propaganda.

I wake up this morning and what I see all over social media is some poor taste, childish diagnosis of Major General Buhari as
being sick.

Well, I agree. I agree that Buhari is sick. I am sick, too. Any Nigerian who is not sick is not sick because he or she is incurably sick. We are all sick. And we should be sick. So, yes,…

…Buhari is sick of the monumental corruption that has become institutionalised in Nigeria.

…Buhari is sick of the incompetence of a government that cannot protect the lives and properties of its citizens.

…Buhari is sick of the lack of a sense of urgency in the circles of government in Nigeria.

…Buhari is sick of a country that has placed itself on permanent reverse gear.

…Buhari is sick of a country that has left itself naked as it is raped dry by vagabonds in power.

…Buhari is sick of a youth population without jobs.

…Buhari is sick of a country where university education has become comparable to 8th grade competence in advanced civilizations.

…Buhari is sick of a country where roads are death traps.

…Buhari is sick of a country where people go into political offices near poor, but turn stupendously wealthy overnight.

…Buhari is sick of a country where education is priced beyond the reach of the common masses.

…Buhari is sick of a country where $20 Billion (possibly $40 Billion) of public fund develops legs and walks away, its whereabouts knowingly unknown.

…Buhari is sick of watching the country he loves ranked at the bottom of corruption index by Transparency International Buhari is sick of a country that earns billions of dollars in oil
revenue, yet has not a single functional oil refinery.

…Buhari is sick of a country where government has bowed to the dictates of power generator cabals in a conspiracy that ensures perpetual darkness.

…Buhari is sick of a country where senators and congressmen earn more than the president of the United States of America.

…Buhari is sick of a country where soldiers are so demoralized to confront a ragtag Boko Haram terror sect.

…Buhari is sick of a country where convicted looters are pardoned and fast tracked for senate positions.

…Buhari is sick of a country where life expectancy is among the lowest in the world.

…Buhari is sick of a country that is on international news for all the wrong reasons.

So, yes, Buhari is sick; and so am I.

The question is: why is Jonathan not sick as well? Why has Jonathan remained healthy in the face of all the above-listed filth and diseases?

Another question is: why is not every Nigerian sick of all the social maladies and existential outbreaks? It is a time to be sick, my friends. Buhari is; I am. Are you?

Let&;s all get sick of where and how Nigeria is. Let&39;s get real sick. And the sicker we are, the healthier we are going to be. Let&39;s schedule a doctor&39;s visit on February 14. Let&39;s not forget our health insurance card (voter card) as we go for this February appointment. We need to feel better. But until February 14, let&39;s feel sick…

…Real sick!…………..VITUS OZOKE is resident in the US and a Prof. at Salisbury University.

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