Is Racksterli Investment Scheme Broke or Cashless?

Here’s my rationalism on everything that’s transpired in the last three weeks, and, more importantly, yesterday.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated to BG, or know anyone in the inside caucus. I am just an investor who believed so much in Racksterli. I am making this write-up based on my knowledge of syllogism (Logical Sound Reasoning?

1. Let’s go back to the very beginning. Based on my own understanding, Racksterli was built based on the model banks operate by. People make deposit, people withdraw money.

2. But, people collecting money are always smaller than those depositing money. Meaning, the banks always have money available to do business, give out loans, buy infrastructures, real estate, etc.

3. Racksterli practiced this business model too, and that’s why the company was able to aggressively acquire Assets even beyond BG’s imagination.

4. This model was so successful that, BG began making more money from our investments, and turned them into something else.

5. Racksterli bought properties, only First Bank had more properties than Racksterli in Lagos.

6. Racksterli acquired over 300 plots of Lands, PMS Depot in Calabar, Massive Lands in Enugu, etc. These were verified and are still verifiable till date.

7. Now, based on all of these, I still believe Racksterli acquired more other properties that BG didn’t disclose to investors.

8. Racksterli, as a brand, is so bigger than ever and I can’t just accept that the company is broke.

9. If you understand the laws of money, you will realise that it’s divided into Assets and Liquidity.

10. A company that has more assets than liquidity is usually more successful and stronger. This is where Racksterli belongs. Now, ask yourself: do you really think Racksterli is Broke?

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