Is Racksterli still the most Transparent Platform in Nigeria?

Following the various rumours, false information, fake news, and distorted facts circulating on social media groups, a Racksterlian has decided to argue in favour of Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme.

The writer, N Pen, who is equally an investor in Racksterli, shares his thoughts on why Racksterli remains one of the most reputable affiliate marketing scheme in Nigeria.

He writes:

Racksterli remains the No.1 affiliate marketing in Nigeria. You don’t have to doubt the platform, considering the level of commitment and transparency that the CEO, Oti Chidiebere Michael, has shown to every subscriber on the platform.

Racksterli’s challenges started when the company experienced a glitch while their website server was being upgraded. The upgrade was necessary in order to accommodate more users, the company thought it will be a quicker process but unfortunately, it took a long process in which their subscribers were not informed while the upgrade was ongoing

The company accepted the fact that they were to be blamed for not informing its users and came out with a solution; stopping registration and refunding every one of its subscribers their capital.

The capital refunds commenced days after the CEO gave his word live on Instagram, this shows more the platform is ready to stay and make Nigerians more independent to attain their financial goals.

Yes, Nigerians are in Panic mode over the situation; this has led them to calling out the platform on social media platforms. Though this approach was not the best, but we understand it’s about money. Not every one of us can be patient enough while some of us struggle to get the money anyway.

The CEO continues to update subscribers on they invested their funds in real estate. He said they are trying to liquidate the properties bought to keep the refund going which will take time but be assured everyone will be refunded.

Racksterli still believes in the goals and help Nigerians to achieve their financial plans by introducing the improved website which they are back and stronger to serve its subscribers. They are trustworthy and ready to stay with no bad moves.

As of 6th April 2021, during the live video on Instagram, the CEO came on board, he provided the solution how the refunds can be so easy. He stated the refund will be made by paying from the lower packages to the higher packages i.e. everyone that subscribed for the standard package will all be paid first. Vice versa to the other packages.

They keep to their words and transparency to their users. Please let us be patient and appreciate them for not letting us down.

Don’t let us forget to keep praying for the company.

Written by:
N Pen
An Investor


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