John Paul Week 45 Forecast Key Sequence: 2017/2018 Season

These are my unique forecast sequence and settings for this current Week 45 of the 2017/2018 British Football Pools Season.

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I want to remind you here that as the season comes to an end, draws are becoming increasingly difficult to predict.

Most of the draws coming out do not necessarily reflect the Niger settings and sequences.

The lesson to learn here is that, since nothing seems to be working right now, do not invest heavily on games anymore. Do not put on your hopes football pools betting. Do not be too confident of whatever you see on this site or elsewhere.

The season is ending this week while the Australian football season commences from Week 46 to Week 3, 2018.

You should either wait for next week before playing, or tread with caution this week 45, thanks!!!

These are my forecast pools banker games for this current coupon week of 45, 2017/2018 Season.

I will begin by dropping the proof of the pairs posted on the main banker pair page here. If you visit football banker page room, you will find out the numbers.

Week 44 (Purple)

Atalanta vs Ac Milan @21xxxx (1-1)

Fiorentina vs Cagliari @25fffff

Week 45 (Brown Coupon)

Ac Milan vs Fiorentina @14 (???)

Cagliari vs Atalanta @15 (????)
Banker pair of the week = 14../..15

Barcelona sitting on top of Celta Vigo at home is a strong pair, but there was a little tweak this week. Will it still continue as pair or become two dead games?
Week 45, 2015:

Barcelona vs Deportivo Lc @13xxxx
Celta Vigo vs Espanyol @14fffffffff

Week 45, 2017:

Barcelona vs Eibar @12ffffffff
Celta Vigo vs R. Sociedad @13xxxx

Week 45, 2018:

Barcelona vs R. Sociedad @6 (????)
Celta Vigo vs Levante @7 (????????)

Comment: from the movement shown above, you will observe that this is the third time the setting is appearing on coupon.

The two teams can supply one draw or even fail depending on what has been programmed.

The sequence is not highly reliable because of the slight changes in the number they occupy this week.

When you check year 2015 and 2017, you will realize that both Barcelona and Celta Vigo picked draws at number 13 respectively.

When you check this current week 45, 2018, both teams moved into coupon number 6 and 7 respectively.

Therefore, both teams have a 50/50 percent chance of surviving this time around.

2. AC Milan appearing on the same family number series with Athletic Bilbao is a strong banker pair. This movement started last week.
Week 44, 2018:

Alaves vs Athletic Bilbao @11ffffff

Atalanta vs Ac Milan @21xxxxxxx

Week 45, 2018:

Athletic Bilbao vs Espanyol @4 (?????)

Ac Milan vs Fiorentina @14 (????)

Therefore = 4…..pair…… 14.
3. This is a triple combo heavy dead games for this week. The movement is fresh and current.

Athletico Madrid appearing in the same family number series with Cagliari in the Serial A, and Dijon in the Ligue One is a danger zone.

Week 44, 2018:

Getafe vs Atl. Madrid @15 fffffffff (0-1)

Fiorentina vs Cagliari @25fffffffff (0-1)

Lille vs Dijon @35ffffffffff (2-1)

Week 45, 2018:

Atl. Madrid vs Eibar @5 (??????)

Cagliari vs Atalanta @15 (?????)

Dijon vs Angers @25 (?????)

Comment: If I am to follow my instinct here based on the sequence, we are likely to see Atl. Madrid winning, Cagliari winning its match against Atalanta, and Dijon may record a shock defeat at home to Angers.

But, do not forget that things can change rapidly in this world sports betting, so kindly use the information here as a guide. Thanks!!!.

4. This movement is only relevant as long as it lasts in the Italian Serial A.
2016/2017 Season:

Week 44: Inter Milan vs Sassuolo @26fffffff (1-2).
Week 45: Lazio vs Inter Milan @26ffffffff (1-3).

Current 2017/2018 Season:

Week 44: Bologna vs Chievo @23fffffff (1-2)
Week 45: Udinese vs Bologna @23fffffff (??????).

5. Whenever Inter Milan fails with Sassuolo, and plays Lazio the following week, that game is a dead rubber.

2016/2017 Season:

Week 44: Inter Milan vs Sassuolo @26fffffff (1-2).
Week 45: Lazio vs Inter Milan @26ffffffff (1-3).

2017/2018 Current Season:

Week 44: Inter Milan vs Sassuolo @26fffffff (1-2).
Week 45: Lazio vs Inter Milan @19ffffffff (1-3).

6. Whenever the first letter of the away teams at coupon number 48 and 49 are the same, the two numbers are more likely to produce a fixed draw for that week.
Week 20 (Purple Coupon)

Brechin vs Dundee Utd @48xxxxxxxxx (1-1)

Dunfermline vs Dumbarton @49xxxxxxxxx (2-2)

Week 38 (Blue Coupon)

Cowdenbeath vs Stenhse’Muir @48xxxxxxx (1-1)

Elgin vs Stirling @49ffffffff (3-0)

Week 45 (Brown Coupon)

St. Poelten vs Austria Vienna @48 (?????)

Sturm Graz vs Admira Wacker @49 (??????)

7. In the Ligue 1, something significant happened in Week 44; and such a move is highly likely to occur again this Week 45.

The movement involves the four teams that begin with Letter ‘M’. They are:
1. Metz
2. Marseille
3. Monaco
4. Montpellier.

In both week 44 and 45, you will find two of the teams at away, while the other two will sit on top of each other at home.

Week 44:
Monaco vs St. Etienne @36ffffff
Montpellier vs Troyes @37xxxxxx

Amiens vs Metz @31fffffff
Guingamp vs Marseille @34xxxxxx

This Week 45:
Marseille vs Amiens @27 (????)
Metz vs Bordeaux @28 (??????)

Rennes vs Montpellier @30 (????)
Troyes vs Monaco @33 (???????)

What do you think may happen this week? If we are to go by what’s happened already, then 27pair28 and 30pair33.

What do you think?

– more updates to come before Saturday.

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