JohnPaul 2018 English Pools Season Bankers, Pairs Performance

I do not want to discourage you from getting your own share of the huge jackpot in this pool business.

But, I want to tell you the point blank truth: to win pool is not an easy task. The pool business is an enterprise that is tough to crack.

Several people have tried to crack the secret, but to no avail.

So: whenever you win, do not think that you are the best; rather, you should be happy because that was your lucky opportunity.

And because getting a reliable pool banker nap every coupon week is like a lucky Null Hypothesis, I do not credit myself for doing my job.

In fact: I must say this here for you to know that I am very serious.

I am not magician or a miracle worker. There are none in this business. Pool is based on luck.

From the performance of my weekly football banker pairs which I post online, you will realize that I am just someone eager to learn.

I love: transparency, honesty, sincerity; so, I need to show you how things have turned out to be in the past coupon weeks of this 2017/2018 pool season.

But, before moving further, kindly see the records of my performance below.

Weekly performance of my Banker Pairs for 2017/2018 UK Football Pools Season:

Week 10: (1xxxxx)
Week 11: (9fff, 26fff)
Week 12: (7fff, 25fff)
Week 13: (19ff, 28fff)
Week 14: (12ff, 36xxx)
Week 15: (25ff, 30fff)
Week 16: (25ff, 30xxx)
Week 17: (1fff, 30xxx)
Week 19: (3xxx, 16xxx)
Week 22: (3fff, 4xxxx)
Week 23: (12ff, 31fff)
Week 24: (…49ffff..)
Week 25: (…2fff, 3xxxx)
Week 26: (…4xxx, 42xxx)
Week 27: (…6xxx, 39xxx)
Week 28: (…6fff, 1ffff)
Week 29: (…5fff, 21fff)
Week 30: (…1fff, 4xxxx)
Week 31: (…4fff, 33fff)
Week 32: (…6xxx, 9xxx)
Week 33: (..11fff, 23ff, 47xxx)
Week 34: (…33fff, 44xxxxxx)
Week 36: (…11fff, 12xxxxx)
Week 38: (…4ffff, 7xxxxxxx)
Week 39: (…2xxxxxx, 7fffffff)
Week 40: (…1ffffff, 35xxxxx)
Week 41: (……23ffff, 24ffff.)
Week 42: (….28xxxx, 38fffff)
Week 43: (….1ffff, 31fffff)
Week 44: (19…., 20……..)

It has been tough to accurately forecast draws on pool since the season started; this is demonstrated by the unpredictable draws that has been played this season.

In Week 4 of the 2017/2018 English season, we had 11 draws; in Week 5, we had 10 draws.

we had 5 draws in week 6. week 7 had 16 draws on coupon while week 10 had 15 draws on coupon.

Week 11 produced 13 draws, and some people smiled with Oyibo’s games. Week 12 which produced just 8 draws on coupon.

Week 13 produced 13 draws, Week 14 had 13 draws. Wk 18 = 15draws. Wk 19= 12 draws.

Week 20 produced 17 draws. In week 21, we had 10 draws. Week 22 pool result brought .11.draws. What happens in week 23: 9 draws.

Week 24 produced: 15 draws. Week 25 produced 16 draws. Week 26 produced 12 draws. Week 27 produced 17 draws and Week 28 produced 12 draws.

Week 29 saw 10 draws on coupon. Week 30 total number of draws: 10 draws. Week 31 draws: 16.

Week 35 brought 17 draws, 18 draws in week 36 of the british pools football season. Week 37 produced 16 draws. Week 38 has 12 draws. Week 39 shun out 15 draws.

Week 40 spilled .12…draws. Week 41 produced 13 draws, while 10 draws surfaced in week 42. 15 draws in week 43 and a shocking 7 draws in week 44. Week 45 may just be as bad as other weeks?

Expect more updates later…

If you need my 3/3 fixed draw for this week, kindly call for bank account payment details.

The Nap costs N10,000. But, if you need the game and the special Key that produced the Nap, the price is N20,000.

There are loads of educational videos on our UK football pool banker YouTube channel =======>>>>>: Newsbeatportal pool banker YouTube channel

From what you have seen above, you can attest to the fact that it has been very difficult to accurately predict nap pool draws this season.

Therefore, if you win this season, just be happy because you are favoured. But, if you do not win, kindly patiently wait because next season may always be better.

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