May 2, 2021 Update of Racksterli CEO Live Instragram Broadcast

The CEO of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, on Sunday May 2nd, 2021 addressed the investors of the company in a live Instagram broadcast.

Read the full update below:

✍️I am so glad that we are still able to bounce back stronger even after the glitches encountered on the old Racksterli website.

Having 11,500 subscribers in less than 3 weeks was not exactly what we envisaged, but we give thanks and praise to God for his blessings.

✍️I am using this medium to once again apologize to everyone we have let down even as we reaffirm the promise we made on March 26, 2021 that nobody will go away from the old website without being refunded no matter how long it takes.

✍️Before the glitches we experienced on Racksterli’s old website, was there any day we said that we could not pay investors? No and No!!!

You all know the truth, and you know that Glitch caused everything. We are not saying this to persuade you to believe us, because we know those of you who knows and understands this truth.

✍️Do you know that I suffered from depression at a time and it got so bad that I almost gave up? Honestly, the challenges encountered by Racksterli was not an easy task for us all to carry, but I had the backing of my staffs which has now led us all to come back again stronger and better than ever before.

✍️ Payment would commence on the new Racksterli’s website by May 5, 2021. This means that we are going back to our old vibes: ‘every day is Pay Day on Racksterli’.

✍️We are trying our best and we will continue to try as much as possible to hasten the refund process as well.

✍️ Congratulations to everyone who embraced and participated in the Double Coupon Package Offer on the new Racksterli website.

✍️The Double Coupon Package Offer on the new website will come to an end this weekend of May 8, 2021. If you make payment after this date, you will no longer be eligible for the Double Coupon code and you will be getting just a single code.

✍️We had about 80% of our investments in Real Estate. How I wish this Investment was in crypto currency, (ETHERIUM) to be precise.

Remember 1ETH was around 200K when we started Racksterli. We all know the worth of the coin today. We could have made X4 of what we had today.

✍️ Though we do not regret investing 80% of our cash into real estate, but it would have been easier for us to get cash if we had invested all that in crypto currency trading in order to speed up the Refunding Process.

Many of our properties are midway through completion and we cannot risk selling them off without raising them to a reasonable level that could be worth more in value.

✍️ But we are reassuring everyone that the Refund process would not stop until we have paid every subscribers.

✍️ We are going to be making history again. Remember that we are the only platform to pay out over N27 Billion in 9 months of Racksterli 1.0. By the special Grace of God history will be repeating itself again.

✍️ We have learnt a whole lot of lessons from everything that had happened.


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