Soccer Merrybet booking code weekend predictions Aug 18, 2018

Congratulations to all those who took the risk to play the booking number game I dropped online on February 3, 2018
You can enter the merrybet slip number and see the proof that the game delivered.

Invest N500 on this Merrybet game for this weekend,

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Merrybet Booking Code Number for Saturday 18/08/2018:
2 free odds:

Free 24 odds merrybet booking code for Saturday:

Another 24 odds for Saturday: =====>>>>>>>>>> 10610937
300 odds = 10610919
Merrybet booking code for Sunday 19/08/2018 with 28 odds =
322 odds =
Please, I need to state this clearly: do not think that the merrybet booking numbers I post here weekly will deliver

I do not expect the games I post online to play always;

so, kindly put at the back of your mind that everything in football pool betting is a constant trial.

I do not also decide or claim to know the specific teams that have been fixed to play draws this week.

Everything I do here online is an avenue to share my forecast draws with you. So, put that in mind.

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Wishing you all the best of Luck!!!

If you use any of the above codes, kindly invest what you can afford to lose.