Michael Chidiebere Latest Racksterli Update: Two Hidden Messages Revealed

Racksterlians have lots of questions, yet answers are not forth coming. We allow ourselves to get distracted, yet we fail to pay attention to what really matters.

Kindly focus on the most recent update by Mr Michael Chidiebere, AKA Blackgold, again; think deeper, and you would realise that they are embedded with hidden answers.

Most of the answers investors seek are there, but are investors even ready to think and decipher them? Are investors ready to research and question recent happenings in Racksterli?

The fact remains that thousands of investors are not thinking straight at the moment; sadly, they are not ready to think and they are not ready to research. They only want to react to whatever rumours that suit their beliefs systems and fears.

It is common knowledge that most investors take Mr Michael Chidiebere’s updates literally; but investors need to start searching for the hidden messages in them. You only need to open the eyes of your mind to see the hidden message being passed.

Now, kindly take a good look at the latest updates from Mr Chidiebere and what can you deduce from it?

As you focus on the updates again, ensure you read it with an open mind devoid of ambiguity, bias, sentiments. You will see the message he sent out.

There are two key important hidden messages embedded in the status, but what are they?

The two key important hidden messages embedded in the status update are very glaring and obvious in light of recent happenings in Racksterli.

Mr Michael Chidiebere has idiomatically passed a message to every Racksterlian out there that he is no longer controlling the affairs of Racksterli.

He has temporarily step down as the Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme Scheme.

The young man needed to step down because of his general well being, the mental, physical, and psychological stress of the war Racksterli had waged since the glitch started in March, 2021.

He is stressed out, and this was the same stress that almost led to his death in March, 2021 after he had a ghastly motor accident.

Have you really wondered why he had to edit his Instagram profile and removed the ‘Ceo of Racksterli’ from his personal Instagram account?

He was practically sending a message to every investor that he is no longer handling the affairs of Racksterli. But, who is now in charge?

Mr Michael Chidiebere tells us that the legal team of Racksterli are now in charge.

He wrote: “looks like people miss the old Blackgold…to this new Blackgold that has decided to allow the company’s board of directors and legal team to handle things.”

There you have the first hidden message; what then is the second message revealed?

The second hidden message that should uplift the spirits of all those who had trusted the process is that Mr Michael Chidiebere has not given up on Racksterli.

You cannot change whom you are, you cannot change your nature. Mr Michael Chidiebere needed to step down for the good of Racksterli, but that does not mean he has given up.

He wrote again: “Looks like people miss and prefer the old Blackgold, [the one who] would have done three live videos daily to update on how things are going…”

“Well, to be honest, even I myself prefer the old Blackgold too.”

He loves Racksterli, he loves Racksterlians, he misses the fun, the memes, the chats, the live Instagram broadcast sessions, the bantering; he misses everything.

No wonder he declared: “If you think it is over, then you must be drowsy; I am a … Legend, and I say it proudly.”

The critical question to ask at this point is: will Racksterli come back?

We cannot predict exactly when or if Racksterli will be back again, and we cannot tell if Mr Michael Chidiebere will lead Racksterli again, but this is what we can tell you.

Racksterli gave a clue on when they will be making a comeback in their official release, read again.

From the facts on ground and based on the official statement, it is highly likely that Racksterli will be back in the middle of September.

Read: β€œWe wish to inform you that we will need a period of three months to resolve our financial issues and continue with the refund process.”

Would Racksterli make a comeback before September? There are no facts on ground to help provide answers to this question.

We all just have to wait and HOPE that the management of Racksterli would be noble enough to keep to their own words.

Do you agree with the above analysis? Kindly share your thoughts using the comments box, thanks.


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