More Investors Are Now Happy to Invest in Racksterli New Website

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme is back to where it belongs, making Investors smile and setting the pace in the affiliate marketing industry.

The confidence level of Investors in the new website tagged ‘Racksterli 2.0 is soaring high again with great enthusiasm among those already profiting from the new platform.

With the dawn of every new day, more and more investors are flocking to get registered into the new website, with these investors feeling happy and confident in investing into Racksterli.

Recall that on March 7, 2021 the old website crashed. After battling to build a new website from scratch, the company ran into huge backlogs of payments to Investors.

These payments backlogs had huge ramifications for the confidence levels of Racksterli Investors.

Over 90% of the old website Investors lost faith in the management of the company and this created devastating Panic for Investors.

With Investors panicking and Racksterli unable to evoke confidence in them, Investors decided to put out their Investments from the company.

With Investors pulling out of the company, the management of Racksterli had no choice other than to shut down business activities.

However, in order to prove that Racksterli was not just an ordinary platform, the company went against her non-refund policy and began disbursing Invested Capital back to Investors on March 28, 2021.

Prior to this time, Racksterli had huge investments in Real Estate and had several building projects that were under constructions.

Their huge Investments in Real Estate turned out to be the saving Grace the company needed to move on.

The company started selling properties at face value and, in some cases, below the value in order to generate the necessary funds to continue its refunding process.

As at the time of writing this article, Racksterli had refunded Invested Capital back to over 250,000 Investors of the old website.

This refunding process, which is still ongoing, brought about a huge turnaround in the image of the company.

Racksterli has shown tremendous commitment to all investors of the company.

Though most old Investors of the company are still vehemently angry that they have not received their Invested Capital back, the general feeling out there is gradually becoming positive.

Most angry Investors are not only happy to have invested their funds with Racksterli, but they remain hopeful that sooner rather than later they will get back their money.

Following the rate at which several other Investments platforms have been crashing, most old Investors of Racksterli have started appreciating the efforts, transparency, accountability, sincerity, and open-mindedness of the company.

Investors have started to trust Racksterli again, and most of them are showing this trust by investing in the new site.

It is this trust level that Investors have for the new Racksterli website that has made the company hit 17,205 users within the first 35days of its existence.

This development is really a good omen for the company; but the management of Racksterli must not take Investors for granted this time around.

Racksterli must put sound measures into place to ensure that eligible investors are paid as at when due.

The new Racksterli website is on course to surpass the records of the old website and stay longer as well.

But the company must put into place sustainability measures to see this through.

Racksterli is regaining the confidence of investors, and that’s why more Investors are continuing to trust the company with their funds.

As long as investors remain calm and confident in the management of Racksterli, then Racksterli 2.0 will definitely be around for years to come.

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