Why Multiple Accounts Investors Will Crash the New Racksterli 2.0 Website

A passionate investor into Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme has taken to social media groups to launch an emotional appeal to the management of Racksterli to look seriously into greedy investors who are creating multiple accounts on the new Investment website tagged ‘Racksterli 2.0’.

He equally appealed to Racksterli to either significantly reduce the referral bonus given to subscribers or scrap the system entirely.

“People are creating multiple account because of its referral benefits; one of the only ways of addressing this issue in order for everything to run smoothly is for Racksterli to get rid or stop any form of referral benefits”, he recommended.

“If there was not any form of benefits, tell me Why investors will create multiple accounts on Racksterli?”, he questioned.

Similarly, he argued that most investors into Racksterli scheme are greedy and are most certainly going to create a general problem for other well behaved investors that Invested into the company.

He summed his analysis of the current happening in Racksterli by asserting that if the management doesn’t deal with this menace of multiple accounts registrations and exploitation of the referral bonus system, then Racksterli will run into financial crisis sooner rather than later.

Should Racksterli been involved in a financial crisis, then the beloved Racksterli 2.0 will be crashing down in no distant time.

Read his passionate appeal below:

“@⁨John Paul,⁩ has the CEO of Racksterli Mr Michael Chidiebere implemented the banning of multiple accounts? Because for sure multiple accounts will kill the system.

“Can you imagine what happened yesterday [May 5, 2021] when Racksterli started paying investors in the new site?

“A friend of mine was paid yesterday, precisely 220k. Do you know that this guy opened numerous standard and premium packages all for the sake of referral benefits? I was so pained and angry when he told me about it.

“Several investors have not been paid a dime from their investments on the old investment platform, yet this guy and several others are already exploiting the system for selfish gains.

“Why are people so self-centered and Greedy? Just imagine how much he’s going to benefit from such referral earnings? Do you know that such referral benefits could go a long way paying more people on the old website?

“Indeed, Nigerians are something else. Please let Black Gold scrap out any form of multiple accounts registeration and these referral benefits as soon as possible.

“I am even begining to think now that it might not necessarily be the glitch that crashed the old Racksterli website.

“From my point of view, what caused such mess on racksterli 1 weighed heavily on the issue of multiple accounts registeration, all for the sake of getting referral benefits.

“How can an investor’s referral benefit be greater, bigger and larger than his activity earnings?

“I saw all of these happening on the old investment website and I am afraid that it is happening again on the new website. Now, tell me why this won’t make the new Racksterli to crash?

“The greedy nature of investors killed Racksterli 2.0 and unless Blackgold comes up with a solution, the new Racksterli is dead on arrival. Too bad that BG hasn’t come up with a solution.

“The money Racksterli would have to used to refund Invested Capital back to old investors of the company is what is being used to satisfy investors who cultivated referral bonus greed.

“Do you investors really think that racksterli 2.0 will last longer than the old website? I laugh in Chinese.

“Maybe you think Mr Chidiebere is a magician or he plucks money that’s why lots of investors are taking advantage of the system to the detriment of the old investors.

“This is too bad. Referral benefits and Multiple accounts should be banned as soon as possible; if not, it will end in premium tears.

“I can make a bet with anyone right now; if referral benefits scrapped right now, Racksterli would have enough funds on ground to pay both old investors and new investors respectively. And everyone will have not choice than to trust Racksterli.

A word is enough for the wise.

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