My Proposed Inaugural Address For President-Elect Buhari

The Vice Osibanjo,  
The Chief ,
Members of the Nigerian House of Assembly,  
Distinguished Guests,  
Fellow Citizens.

As we gather here today to inaugurate a new transition of government, we remind ourselves of the collective strength in the belief of democracy, our constitution and rule of law which thus translate into a victory to freedom and not for party or individual.

We are here together today not because of our faith, colour, tribe or differences in our identifications but for the legacy which has been laid by our heroes past and this translates into a common reasoning of truth, freedom and love. 

Today we have started on a journey to bring about positive change which has so long been desired by our people. History will hold us accountable for if we fail to meet the yearning which has brought about this significant upturn in our today democratic system. 

Today will stand a place in our history books where we have come to assure Nigerians that hope has returned not on a temporal case but permanent for every citizen.

We pledge our effort this day to every Nigerian out there that we shall restore the dignity, greatness and recover from the pains of yesterday. 

Because as Nigerians, we know that our country cannot succeed when our resources are in the hands of a non-significant few while poverty and hardship reign among the visible many. We believe that ’s tomorrow must not depend on these few who had in the past held this country hostage.  

We understand that our people are rich in knowledge both in human and capital development. This is one area we would revitalize; recreate the small and Medium Enterprise. We would awaken this zeal, this trust and again make our people become self reliant, enjoying freedom to enjoy freedom

We will harness our collective strength to revamp governance, education sector, empower our people and equip them with the required skills required to compete globally in the emerging future. 

We believe as a nation that every citizen deserves and has the right to security, safety and well being, we will revamp and overhaul the security and health sectors where professionalism will be applied in full gear towards achieving a decent system.

We will implement a 21st century intelligent security system for our people and this is part of the lessons we have learnt in the past. 

We will create jobs and secure them for our citizens because we strongly believe that our people deserve happiness while we shall strengthen our financial sectors by cutting down ambiguous cost of governance. We shall improve on our tax systems and expenditure management. 

We will improve on Energy, harnessing our natural resources; improve in power, infrastructure, agriculture and transportation. We will defend our boards and people against all vices of terrorism and as we will collaborate with other nations within and outside Africa to strengthen global security and peace. 

We will not celebrate or condone corruption. Promote justice and equity in all spheres. Erasing corruption will be one of our focal tasks to make all these dream come into a visible reality. 

My dear and fellow Nigerians, we have a task to accomplish with limited time and we do not have much time to delay and that task is good and credible governance for the future. 

Today, I have sworn to an oath to this country and to God almighty to uphold, justice, equity and fairness. This oath is not to any party or group and we will be measured by this pledge all through the duration of our administration. 

Every Nigerian today has a role to play in this journey to change the perception positively achieving a greater Nigeria together. We all have equal obligation creating this change starting primarily with you. 

The elections have come and gone. Let us now embrace ourselves as brother and sisters towards sustenance of the legacy laid down by the founding fathers of our dear country Nigeria with common purpose. 

Thank you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

COFRN – (Citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria)

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