Ndigbo, It Is Time To Wake Up

Muhammadu , MB, is now the ; the ruling party. Change is here, and we remain grateful to God for the peace in our country, . It is time to help, to contribute so that this change translates to good governance which what we all expect from our political leaders, irrespective of their parties. We expect peace and those good things of life which citizens of other nations take for granted, but are luxuries in Nigeria.

This is in spite of the huge wealth the nation has, because our leaders are generally wicked and self-serving. Since after the Nigerian civil war, 48 years ago, leaders have progressively turned the blessings of our national oil wealth to themselves.

While the number of Nigerians who own private jets, luxury yachts, jetties, and huge mansions and estates has increased, citizens have no roads, poor health care delivery, and no water. We live in darkness and heat for most hours of the day due to poor electric power distribution; increasingly we kill ourselves as terrorists, ethnic and religious fighters, kidnappers, cultists.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are dying increasingly, many relocating, banks don’t seem to care- all they focus on is drive for deposits; they get cheap money from overseas and offer same at excruciating interest rates to the people. Everybody is for himself, and no one for the poor and common man.

MB and his party have come with a change slogan in their mouths; we have moved from hope to transformation, and now to change; and as good followers, we are committed to seeing that this change works.

Every politician in Nigeria begins to plan how to win the next elections from the day he is sworn into office. That also offers others, including those in the opposition, to plan to either improve their position in the struggle to gain power and empowerment, come the next polls, which will be 2019 in our case, or take power. This informs the need for Ndigbo to wake up, sit down and plot their destiny in this arrangement called Nigeria.

Ndigbo have since after the civil war majorly and understandably played the politics of survival which drove them to all nooks and crannies of this country, making contributions, rendering services, and adding value. This carries many advantages, as it can be correctly said that any LGA in Nigeria without a thriving Igbo business is a dead end. But the detractors of the Igbo people have turned this against them, portraying them as materialistic, and a people that cannot follow one course of action towards political leadership and rulership in Nigeria. This is a huge and wicked fallacy.

Ethnicity and religion are not bad in principle, the problem is with how man has turned things in our country. Some will want us to believe that ethnicity did not guide their political actions, but that is self-deception.

An interview a former IGP, , who is the ,, granted to Sunday Vanguard, published on May 31, 2015, confirms what some already knew: that the North plotted to send GEJ out of Aso Rock, and that it had always been a game of power to the North since 1998. He said: ” I told you then of the agreement in 1998 that brought( General Olusegun Obasanjo) to power.

“The agreement was that it would be eight years each between the South and the North. After eight years, Obasanjo wanted to stop the presidency from returning to the North. These two reasons(for insecurity and the agitation that power should return to the North) compelled us and we met, all Northern NGOs, and resolved that this time around, we had to struggle to get leadership back to the North”. This should open the eyes of Ndigbo to the fact that people who consider themselves stake holders, meet and agree on power rotation; they approve who becomes president and mobilise support to promote their decisions. While others are planning and plotting, Ndigbo are busy making requests and demands without any discernable plan.

Ethnicity and religions play, and will continue to play, key roles in shaping political power dynamics in Nigeria for a very long time to come. The sooner Ndigbo realised and accepted this, and review their collective strategies in national politics and economy, the better for them.

Ndigbo are so afraid of opposition politics, hence they have to run from pillar to post to beg for considerations now and then.

, , decamped, just before the April elections, to the , creating problems for his party, APGA, which he helped to nurture.

His successor, ’s visit to MB, to plead for merciful considerations, even before he(Buhari) was sworn in as President, sent conflicting signals of bad politics for APGA.

dumped the same APGA for a game of possibilities in the APC, a gamble which should not have been, had there been a plan to capture power by Ndigbo.

How many times have the five Igbo Governors met to consider and develop a plan, be it political, economic or developmental for the South East? Since failure to plan, is planning to fail, Ndigbo will continue to miss the mark until they begin to think as a people, develop a plan or plot as a people, and then mobilise support for that plan. They need to work now with their neighbours in the South-South to overcome the pains of the civil war, betrayals, and post-war abandoned property matters in and Cross River states. Those of them who bear Igbo names, yet deny being Igbo, are victims of psycho-political manipulations. Ndigbo should understand their plight, reach out to them and together begin to play politics of establishment for power.

Mr Clement Udegbe, a legal practitioner, wrote from

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