2018 Newsbeatportal banker School of Poolology: Registration is ongoing

Are you finding it difficult to make pools predictions?

Have you been running at a loss due to bet9ja losing slips?

Anyway, here is the fact:

Making accurate and authentic football pools banker predictions daily, weekly, monthly, is not that easy.

And you are reading this post because you have tried to understand why you do not always win in football betting.

You may have tried everything within your power to ensure that you are a successful punter.

But, nothing seems to be working for you.

Everyday, it is the same story: cut one, cut two, etc.

I know you may have even be tempted to ask if indeed one can be successful in this business.

Here is a consolation for you:

You can legitimately make a living from football betting predictions on a weekly basis.

There are people out there who depend sorely of soccer betting to be able to fend for themselves.

Now, what is the way forward?

Do you know that football betting is a very big business?

Do you know that the UK football pools industry is well regulated and powerful?

Do you know that by becoming a member of Newsbeatportal school of poolology, you will be amazed at the amount information you need?

Newsbeatportal school of poolology essentially offers two core courses.

First: learning the secret behind fixed draws.

Secondly: learning the rudiments behind fixed matches.

You may have your own taste and priority, but you need to decide what exactly you need.

Are you only interested in Australia and British Football Pools?


Are you interested in learning how to accurately predict Bet9ja games, Merrybet games, or Surebet games?

While both are easier to understand, prediction of bet9ja games is easily comprehended.

What if I tell you that there are various sequence that you can follow to make predictions?

What if I also tell you that this system is 80% reliable?

Will you not be happy with a tool or plan which gives you 80% return on your investment?

Football betting is not a child’s play. It is a serious business.

You must be ready to work hard and justify every money spent and earned.

You must be prepared to meticulously study.

You must be very open minded.

You must learn to be patient too.

You must put at the back of your mind that not every setting is profitable.

You must be ready to accept your losses and maximize your gains.

If you are very dedicated to your study, then be rest assured that the sky will be your limit.

So, what is the next thing for you to do?

How do you proceed from here?

You must be able to decide exactly what you want.

Do you want to forecast English pools draws?

Do you want to predict merrybet games?

When you have decided on what to do, kindly call John Paul to start your training.

Here are a few things you need to know about the training.

1. Registration fee is N10,000 for bet9ja prediction training.

2. For pool training, registration is N20,000.

3. The training is carried out on WhatsApp And on this website.

4. If you do not have Whatsapp on your phone, you can take your training on phone.

5. Specific instruction will be given to you on a weekly basis.

6. You need to buy 2 Notebooks. You may need 80 leaves.

7. You need a Blue or Blue pen

8. You need a Red pen.

9. This training is only meant for those who are 18 years and above.

If you want to join newsbeatportal pool banker school of poolology, kindly contact John Paul.


Do you need your sure 10 odds delivered to you every weekend?

I can teach you how you can be generating sure 10 odds weekly for yourself.


* Gambling or betting involves high psychological and financial risks.

** Newsbeatportal.com cannot be held responsible:

for any loss or damage as a result of the consequence of decisions based on information, betting advice or links provided on this site.

*** The visitor is warned to act exclusively at his or her own discretion and risk.


14 simple ways to achieve success in sports betting:

To achieve success in this business, you need to:

1. Be patient

2. Be dedicated

3. persevere

4. Be smart

5. Hard working

6. Keep accurate records

7. Be Watchful

8. Be Tolerant

9. Be open minded

10. Be prayerful

12. Be humble

13. Be studious

14. Avoid pride

To gain access to registered members site on a monthly basis, you pay N20,000.

Call John Paul now to do business, thanks!!!


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