Newsbeatportal pool banker membership group: why you should join immediately

Every now and then, I do receive calls from stakers, compilers.

Every single caller always has this simple intention and purpose in mind:

“I need sure games to play each day”.

When I make them understand that I do not give games daily, but only on weekends, they reply:

” please give me games that will be giving me winning every week “.

In most cases, considering I already have an idea of what the average staker out there want,

I do not shy away from educating them on what I do.

Here is exactly what I do:

1. I do not give out sure games because I do not have access to sure bankers every week.

2. I rely heavily on professional compilers in Britain, and Records.

Because I rely heavily on the aforementioned,

I cannot boast that they will always give me sure games.

In fact:

they will never allow you to have access to good games that will deliver on a weekly basis.

If these professional compilers give you good games every week, then there will be no more football pools market.

3. Because of this single shortcoming,

I always make my clients remember that I cannot give them assurance over the games I give out.

This leads to number 4

4. If I do not give assurance over the games I give to clients, why am I running a membership group?

Here are my reasons:
A) I strive to be transparent in my dealings with people.

B) I like to make things as clear, honest, and straight forward as much as possible.
C) I do not like to involve myself with dubious clients or dishonest people

D) I do not cherish people who are only bent on damaging my reputation online and offline.

E) I am a serious minded person, and that is why I love working with similar minded people out there

F) nothing good comes easy especially in the world of gambling, so you must work your arse out in order to make it.

G) and I am joyous each time I come across serious minded people.

H) people, very often, only take things seriously when money is involved.

Take for instance, if people attend a University without paying fees, what percentage of them would be serious with their studies?

Just to emphasize again the point I made earlier: I like to be transparent.

I demonstrate this transparency by creating a special page online to display the performances of games.

If my games played, you will know. If it didn’t, you will know.

My games cannot play every week, because, I am not the one controlling the business.

This is the main reason why I do not sell games, but ask for registration fee.

Paying a registration fee only makes you serious, committed, and dedicated to what I have to offer you.

I categorize my paid membership group as a school where people come to and get enlightened.

Many punters, compilers out there do not have a great sense of how to gamble responsibly.

This comes with my school of poolology.

Like I always ask my client, I will ask you right now: what do you want?

Of course, you already know I believe in honesty, sincerity, and transparency.

These three words have always been my guiding principles in the pools industry.

This is the reason why I strive each day to gain your trust in this complicated and overwhelming football betting pools gambling world.

I do not want to be termed as a scam or ‘419’, that is why you need to understand how I operate my business here.

So, be patient to read thoroughly what you stand to gain when you decide to come join my membership group.

The decision to register with newsbeatportal pool banker group rests solely on your shoulders and you are the main person in control of your money.

As long as you decide not to register and join my membership pool betting group, you have nothing to worry about.

But, if you are so convinced of registering to enjoy the benefits that accompanies being a registered member, then you must carefully decide what you want.

I must warn you here that football betting pool sites is not meant for everybody.

If betting is not in your DNA, kindly stop reading this information and close this page.

There are so many tensions, worries, and anxieties that come with this nap pool banker industry.

Not everyone is prepared to to accept and feed on the disappointments associated with this “try your luck” business game.

So, I ask you these questions: what do you really want from this pools draws business?

What do you really hope to achieve?

What can you deal or not deal with?

If you are able to sincerely answer the above questions, then you may have come to understand right now what you want.

If you are thrilled with the passion, intrigues, excitement, tensions, that come with the English football pools season, then you can read further.

But, if you cannot handle losing your money to the promoters, bookmakers, and those controlling the business, please do not register with us.

There are so many principles governing our lives here on earth, but only few of them are important.

One of such fundamental principles is this: life has two sides – the Head and the tail.

When applied to the world of gambling: you have two options – you either win or lose.

You must prepare yourself and be ready to enjoy your winnings and accept your losses.

If you think this Aussie pools football betting season is all about winning and no losing, then you are missing the whole point of the term “gambling”.

Football betting is a 50/50 endeavour.

You must lose and you must win.

So, if you think that registering to join my membership nap draws group will prevent you from losing, then you wont be welcomed.

If you have the mindset that I am a miracle worker, fortune teller, seer,

that must always give you assurance on winning, then you will be very disappointed.

For those who now understand what it takes to be in the gambling market, you are free to proceed to read the next information below.

How much is the registration fee for this british football pools season?

The registration fee For the entire season is N100,000.

But, for those who do not have the money, you can gain access to my registered members room for N10,000 monthly fee.

If you want to do business, then call John Paul on 07030635051.


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