Nigerians Pine To See The Miracle Performing President Buhari

I can still recall distinctly Before, during and after elections, how most supporters were so apologetic for Buhari on why Nigerians need to be patient and understanding with PMB because apparently they realised the huge task ahead won’t be glossy at all. Fast forward to a month after hand over and some of these same people are already chastising him.

It is conceivable that Nigerians are avidly looking forward to the Change they fought for, for so long to come into fruition overnight, I personally would have loved to see this changes in his first week in office but then, they say “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a step”. It’s so depressing to see Nigerians even the ones that were fervently apologetic for PMB Before election do a 360 and start castigating Him and writing him off already that he is incapable of handling the issue of the dreaded Boko Haram sect.
First and foremost let’s relax and ponder upon these questions

• Does PMB care about North east and the rest of Nigeria?
• is he capable of governing Nigeria as a nation, If not then who is?
• is anybody capable of ending BH menace within a month? etc

The answers to these simple questions are obvious. PMB do care about Nigeria. Probably More than every single one of us.
Ofcourse he is capable of governing Nigeria, that was why we fought for him for so long to get there. He is what Nigeria needs.
Now the final and most important question I will leave to you the readers to answer by yourselves.

I want us all to meditate on the few questions above and arrive at our individual conclusions on why it will only be fair to be patient and understanding with PMB.

The new phrase in town now is “PMB is too slow”. People have suddenly forgotten how the outgoing government frustrated the transition committee by concealing documents and even refused to fully cooperate with them. Is any one of you surprised that they could desperately frustrate them in their quest to know the true of the nation Before taking over? Will any guilty person hand over documents that can incriminate them due to their dirty dealings to the people they know will prosecute them?

It’s Nigerians prerogative to demand accountability, governance and security of lives and properties from their government but expecting it to happen in the blink of an eye? We should have elected Pastor TB Joshua as our if we were expecting miracles to happen.
PMB never promised us he will end BH overnight. He made it clear to us Before he took over that we would have to be patient with him because things weren’t going to be facile.

We all feel the pain of the victims of this BH menace and we ourselves are walking victims in this country of ours, but do we have any other choice? It wasn’t like we had a better choice than PMB during the elections. We toiled day and night to arrive at the choice of PMB who was our best bet and we voted him against all odds to become our president, Do we honestly think those odds will let go easily without a fight?

Voting PMB as our commander in chief was the first step in this journey for change. The real journey has just begun. Nobody ever promised us it was going to be easy.
If at this point we feel he has failed or is failing us then we might as well bring back GEJ to continue with his job.
We are acting like the putrefaction and damage is in only one section of the system.

Every single part of the system is rotten. Security, economy, civil service, military, police, pension, aviation sector, judiciary, legislator, executive. To name a few. And the only cancer undermining these sectors is corruption, and it’s been eating it up for years and we expect everything to come to a standstill in a month?
Seems we have forgotten just yesterday when soldiers were complaining of how poorly equipped they were to face BH who are using the most sophisticated weapons available today, And some of them have to even go to the extent of helplessly abandoning their duty post due to that.

May be we want PMB to send them to face BH without weapons just like his predecessor GEJ did. In which case we will be weakening and undermining our military even more and then we will start rebuking him again of how he sent soldiers to the battlefield without proper weaponry. Seems some one can just never win with Nigerians.
Criticism is acceptable in every aspect of our lives. Constructive criticism that is. PMB’s government wouldn’t and shouldn’t be an exception, but it seems many of you are just in the business of who is first to criticize. Trying to outdo one another in finding fault where there is none and also Trying so hard to be seen as being distinguished from Jonathanians who never saw anything wrong in their hero but in that process making yourselves look silly.

People have even succeeded in categorizing themselves into different kind of critics

• You have the ones that had to support PMB against their will to feel among during election but are now praying for him to fail so they can tell us “I told you so” i.e the fencists (The hypocrites)
• You have the ” I most criticize so that people don’t see us as the same as Jonathanians ” set of people. ( The Intellecshuals )
• You have the actual Jonathanians who by the way were expected to act this way. It’s no surprise at all. Those ones are actually praying day and night for PMB to fail for their satisfaction. ( The Naive, misguided and mischievous ones )
And finally we have the
• Constructive Critics who criticize constructively without any evil motive behind it and put pressure on the government to act and sometimes recommend possible ways to help in their own little way ( The common sense revolutionaries )

The problem with most of us is we are just social media warriors who seat in the comfort of our homes to criticize everything and every decision our government make. We all can help one way or the other. If you are not in a position to help directly. Pray for those saddled with the task of reviving this comatose country.
And I say that because we have already entrusted our mandates to the best people available to us, it’s only right we give them time to clean up the mess their predecessors have been creating for the past 16 years, if not more.

We have also forgotten that the whole BH issue whether we like it or not have split into different forms. We have
The Real Boko Haram whose ideology comes from savages and cowards who hide behind Islam to perpetuate their satanic agendas.
The economic Boko haram who use the real Boko Haram as their means of business and makes billions of through it. Mind you, these kind of BH will never want the menace to end and will do everything possible to sabotage the effort of the government.
Not forgetting the conspiracy theories on the issue of boko haram which believe it or not is looking too real to be discarded.
Not forgetting saboteurs who will want to disrupt this government and see it fail in order to justify their previous incompetence.

I do know to some of you, some one like this writer might come off as having a double standard view since we raised our voices against the past government but keeping mum on the current one. But after one month in office, it is rather too early to start castigating this government. It’s not fun at all trying to defend this government and I don’t mean to sound like Jonathanians, but we need to give them more time and pray even more for our nation considering the level of damage done to the system .

We trusted PMB and my hope in him haven’t flickered. He wil come around soon.

It’s as if we are expecting every intelligent move made to curtail the activities of Boko Haram to be made public to us. Won’t that be amounting to taking one step forward and three steps backward? And I also know the presidential media team haven’t come around much but if we can think PMB is also not coming around, then we can also cut them some slack by understanding their present predicament. Ofcourse that’s not suggesting we shouldn’t criticize them. We can keep the pressure on them to let them know we are not happy with the recent turn of events. But that doesn’t mean we should write them off this early.

Since 1999, no dispensation has witnessed crisis at take off like this administration, yet we have never been this hard on them like we are currently being to this government.
Do we take moments to ponder on how bad things have gotten? It’s so absurd for people to be concluding already like PMB doesn’t know what he is doing, that will be ridiculing our own efforts and judgement because obviously we elected them and we are already writing them off. That’s a a failure on our own part too.
I know security wise, things haven’t been glossy and security of lives and properties is the number one agenda on his plate right now but let’s look at what PMB has done in other aspects since his assumption of office and judge generally.

The president’s first duty was to move the military command centre to the north east and ordered the military chiefs to follow suit.
EFCC are suddenly awake from their coma.
The state governments are cutting cost and getting civil servant’s salary bailout from the FG.
Our refineries will soon be productive after so many years inactive.
We are gradually getting our respect back as the most important and respected country in africa.
Corrupt politicians and civil servants are having sleepless nights because they know a new sheriff is in town. Etc

Don’t let the naysayers mislead you into believing there haven’t been change since the new government took over mantle of leadership. I know we are used to our leaders failing us so much we are now allergy to failure but There have been tremendous improvement since this government took over.

It’s left for Nigerians to be patient enough to allow this change to gradually take its form.
In as much as we expect them to bring us the needed reforms, they also expect us to have a duty of being patient and understanding with them. Criticise all you want but do so with your senses not with your emotions.
God bless Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Mu’awiyah Yusuf Muye

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