Ogboru Miscalculated And Must Suffer The Consequences Of His Actions

, , , , was recently reported to be lobbying All Progressives Congress, , leaders for admission into the party.

Ironically, this is the same party he fought tooth and nail against in the last elections, having been recruited by out-going to campaign for him and split APC votes in on a promise of being later rewarded with the governorship of the .

Thereafter, Ogboru spared no opportunity of denigrating the APC, humiliating General , and castigating APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, while all the time deploying the most sickening stratagems of dirty politics in undermining Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, and the party’s undisputed chief financier and main motivator in the state.

In the process, he gleefully appeared with Jonathan in his campaign posters, with Labour Party, his party effectively collapsing into the for the purpose of the elections.

Ogboru would later be rewarded for his spoiler role with a handful of House of Assembly seats the PDP rigging machine allocated to erstwhile PDP members it had apparently leased to Labour.

Just as I cannot imagine someone like , , approaching the APC for any degree of accommodation within its ranks, having presided as Governor and state PDP leader, I find it utterly mindboggling that Ogboru, the so-called “People’s General” of all people, will now approach the same party, perplexingly expecting his misdeeds against the APC to be swept under the carpet and its structure in Delta, handed over to him on a platter of gold.

Emerhor, in his characteristically open-minded and accommodating approach to politics was recently quoted as indicating that Ogboru might be welcome to the APC subject to certain conditions.

For once, I respectfully beg to differ with my hero, mentor and undisputed leader in Delta APC. I cannot see how Ogboru can be admitted into our party in any capacity whatsoever, even as an ordinary floor member, much less a leader to any degree.

Having already shut the door against the hordes of daily bread politicians seeking to troop into the APC at this late hour, that ban automatically applies to Ogboru, who vociferously prosecuted a bitter war against our party at the behest of the PDP, with his ragtag support base hurling highly demeaning insults at our Presidential candidate while casting aspersions on the leadership of our party.

In spite of the embarrassing shortcomings of his administration, many of us had initially been reluctant to abandon Jonathan, mainly on sentimental grounds. Most of us were eventually convinced by Emerhor to take an unbiased look at General Buhari, prompting us into taking the bold step of pitching our tents with the General and his party.

We, thereafter, found ourselves taking potentially deadly risks, fighting the likes of Government Ekpemupolo, aka Tompolo and mounting relentless opposition to the Ibori/Uduagahn political family.

We are proud to have stood to be counted on General Buhari’s side when there was no guarantee whatsoever that he would emerge victorious.

This was at a time Ogboru had yielded to PDP enticement in the belief that Jonathan would be able to get a second term and subsequently put him in power in Delta.

Any man claiming leadership status should equally be man enough to bear the
consequences of his actions and follies.

Ogboru miscalculated and must suffer the consequences. Whatever his political destiny may or may not be, he will not realize it in a party he moved mountains in a failed bid to destroy.

He will not be allowed into our party by those of us who risked all when it mattered most, coughing out millions from our meagre resources projecting the APC, building up the party and fighting the PDP under the sterling leadership of Emerhor, who deployed a colossal quantum of his personal resources into funding the party and constructing it into the genuine face of progress and change in Delta today.

Nobody is coming into our party to grab its structure from Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, least of all Ogboru, who did just as much damage to us as did his erstwhile .

Jesutega Onokpasa, a public affairs commentator, wrote from Delta State.

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