Investors Wait For Official Statement From Racksterli CEO Chidiebere

A Racksterlian, an investor with investments worth thousands of Naira on the new Racksterli website, has urged every investor to remain calm, disregard misinformation spreading on social media groups, and wait for an official statement from the management of the company.

Read his appeal below:

Hi Guys
*This is my first time making a suggestion here and I will like you guys to reason from a clear perspective.

*You have to agree with me that this group is contained with investors and non investors which I can equate to positivities and negativities.

*I’m not backing for BG or anything, but what I have got to understand very well is that it’s a corporate company and they will need more time to contain the situation very well and they can’t rush to releasing inaccurate news and they would like solution be on ground too.

*Have you thought about why a reputable company won’t release news update on an undesired situations? It’s becos of the tension it’s going to cause mostly it’s customers (investors and those concerned anyways).

*Many has said worse during the first down phase. An official statement is what we are awaiting.

*Let’s maintain Good minds, we are stronger than we appear and remember this guy has said it many times to rely on it’s official release not public noises.

Signed: Adeshina Idris

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