Over 230,000 Racksterli Old Investors have been Refunded – CEO Says

The CEO of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme, Mr Michael Chidiebere, on Saturday May 1, 2021 disclosed that Invested Capital have been refunded back to over 230,000 Investors on the old website.

Writing on his WhatsApp status, he lamented that most of the old investors paid failed to share testimonies of payments received on various social media groups and channels.

Mr. Chidiebere used the opportunity to reassure everyone that the company would continue to strive to refund Invested Capital back to investors till everyone is successfully paid.

He wrote:

“Just so you know, out of over 395,000 subscribers on the old website, only around 167,000 investors are yet to be refunded.

“Those who rained curses and insulted us when they had not been paid are not exactly coming out to acknowledge that they have been refunded.

“We will not be paying attention to those attempting to distract and derail us from our goals.

“We would focus on fulfilling our promise of refunding Invested Capital back to everyone, and we do not care if our efforts are appreciated or not.

“Once again, we appreciate the support given to us by our loyal and highly esteemed investors so far and we promise not to take you all for granted.

“We are about to create another amazing experience for every subscriber on the new website Racksterli 2.0 and you would definitely love to see it.

Recall that on 26th March, 2021 the CEO of the company, in a live Instagram video broadcast, announced that the establishment would be refunding Invested Capital back to Investors.

The refunding process was necessary in order for the company to clear the backlogs of payments that had piled after Racksterli’s website crashed.

Beginning from March 28, 2021 till date, Racksterli had been Refunding Invested Capital back to investors.

Kicking off the Refunding Process back in March, 2021, Mr Michael Chidiebere noted that the company would continue to dish out funds till everyone gets paid.

Furthermore, on Wednesday March 31st, 2021 Mr Chidiebere debunked rumours that the company had no plans to refund Invested Capital back to investors.

Writing on his WhatsApp status after a crucial meeting with the company’s board of directors, he reassured all investors that everyone would get their Invested Capital back.

He confirmed that Racksterli was still dishing out funds to subscribers, and he reassured everyone that the entire process will continue till every subscriber gets their Invested Capital back.

In the same manner, on Tuesday night April 20, 2021 Mr Michael Chidiebere allayed the fears of subscribers by reassuring Investors that the company would never break the promise made to them.

Though subscribers had the right to express themselves and their fears, the CEO once again assured that the refunding process would continue till everyone was paid.

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