Peak Milk Launches New Campaign


Peak Milk has launched a new brand campaign, “generation to generation,” in the market. The campaign highlights the superiority of the Peak family in the dairy sector and further reminds of its strongest asset of quality and pedigree.

The latest campaign is meant to boost the brand’s presence in the market.

Speaking on the latest campaign, Market Analyst and Communications Expert, Sunday Ogunniyi said, “No brand in the category gets any close to this historical record. This is just one of the unique properties that could be enjoyed by the Peak brand alone.”

Peak Milk berthed in Nigeria in 1958, and has since been catering for the nutritional needs of the consumers across different generations. Part of its pedigree is the ‘all-round first’ it has always enjoyed; the first-mover advantage when it became the first dairy brand in the country and first to be fortified with 28 vitamins and minerals for stronger bodies and sharper minds. So far, the brand has been consistent in content and quality, justifying its description as “rich and creamy.”

The product has also transformed itself to a strong cultural brand, appealing to different people across different socio-cultural groups. It is known as “Milki Olope” by the Yorubas in the west and “Madara n’kwakwa” by the northern Hausas. The consumers also see the brand elements as symbolic and essential differentiator which has built enduring emotional connections between the consumers and the brand across the country.

The Peak logo represents a symbol of success, the premium nature of the brand and an active personality that can be depended upon. The overlaying blue sky depicts hope, calmness and healing, which underscore the harmless nature of milk. The palm tree is a symbol of nutrition and growth. The multiple trees of different sizes with lush green leaves represent family with siblings across generations; while the mountain symbolises performance and the ultimate top position which is in perpetual alliance with the name of the brand and aspiration of the consumers.

All these brand elements have been carefully etched out and nurtured from the inception of the brand, and now drawn out and creatively deployed in a new campaign. The campaign once again displays the company reaffirming its leadership position in the dairy market; and winning big applause for the Peak brand.


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