Peter Obi is The Standard, Others are Weighted Averages

OBIdients, Nigeria has never asked us what we want? She just goes into town like a conquering hero, cutting down dissenting voices in its wake. Peter Obi is the phoenix, we are the mockingbirds, heralding his coming. We are the calvary, we here to save the day & rescue Nigeria.

We are small town folks, ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Believe me, we all are important. We can do this. We are all Changemakers in our own right. YES WE ARE!! There is a confidence oozing from all of us.

These are no ordinary times. Nigeria has been so badly governed in the most recent past. But not for long. Progress is underway. We are performing a surgical operation on Nigeria, & removing its tumor. Nigeria needs some Heroes; & we are raising an Army of heroic Youths!

People say awful lot of things when they are sitting comfortably on the other side. But I say this to you; “let’s grab this opportunity we’ve been given, with both hands.” Peter Obi did not come easy. He is a once in a lifetime opportunity; that supersonic breathe of fresh air.

When it comes to choosing a candidate with our two eyes closed, Peter Obi is our achilles heel, & we are proud to say it. I suspect the naysayers know this already. In our defense, we have Good Reason. Who wouldn’t want the next best thing after sliced bread & a Bloody Mary?

The hullaballoo about Obi’s chances is expected. PDP/APC, sore losers in their own right, they expect all of us to remain claustrophobic in their tiny closet, & not find our way out? They don’t talk about their VP candidates because, there isn’t really anything to talk about!!

Peter Obi is the Standard, others are weighted averages. He is the SI Unit & a Constant. Others are just variables. Obi was always destined to headline the Show. Others can sit at the rear & watch. He is the topic on everyone’s lip. Naysayers simply can’t get enough of him.

He eats, they talk. He sneezes, they talk. He goes to the land of the Pharaohs, they cry. I’m sure Buhari is asking for updates as well. It goes without saying that Good Name is better than Gold. It’s Deeds, not Words. OBIdience is better than Sacrifice. It doesn’t end here!!

We should all thank Peter Obi for making it so easy to campaign for him. We are going to have an enchanting, exciting & scintillating campaigns. I never imagined this could happen. When we started the movement, it was just a dream.

Our effervescence & luminescence will continue to shine through, illuminating all of the colors of the rainbow. The idea as inconceivable & impracticable as it was back then, many thought we were genuinely crazy for suggesting Peter Obi.

The once a mirage & idea thought improbable, is now in fact, a reality. Peter Obi is no more a Concept. He is unveiling, right before our eyes. We are witnessing History. In fact, A History of First. I know I’m writing a Beautiful Memoir as I’m sure the idea excites u as well.

The atmosphere around the Peter Obi Candidacy is absolutely electrifying & enchanting. It’s one of the most rewarding & challenging experience most of us have taken in our lifetime so far. But it won’t be the End. We are only just beginning!

We will push forward & fight, until the Throne of Good Men is restored! Time is calculation of emotions. We have Youth Culture in Nigeria that screams – Greatness. We are the Greatest. Everyone is getting involved. There’s no more fear. We can see Great Joy in all of us.

This is probably the most genuine joy we’ve seen in Nigeria in decades. It’s Happy Days ahead. We’ve established a New Game. And it’s Progress & Patriotism through Peter Obi’s Presidency. It’s a New Joy in Nigeria we are witnessing, the atmosphere is truly, truly, enchanting.

Some believe it’s OK to destroy us, & destroy our collected WILL. But we are going to fight back!! This won’t be easy. There may be consequences, but if we are going to WIN, then we need to remind Nigerians that lives are at stake. Their attacks won’t be the end of us.

Our Greatest Gift to Nigeria is Peter Obi. We represent Love & Kindness, & Valor, & Hope, & Friendship. We all are spectacularly blessed because what we share is Camaraderie. A bond that can never broken. We are the Greatest of the Greatest of the Greatest Nigerian Youths!

May our young hearts never grow old!! And when Obi is finally on that saddle, the pent-up euphoria of Nigerians will erupt like a volcano. From that moment on, Progress & Patriotism will become the Anthem, the mood of all of Nigeria.

The race is a marathon not a sprint!! Once again I urge you Nigerians, don’t give up this Crusade. Posterity is with you!! The World is with you!! All the Heavens hear you!! God Bless Nigeria for all of us, & keep us from harm & despair.


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