Racksterli Announces Plan To Employ More Workers

The management of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme has announced its plans to employ more workers into the company in order to enhance quality service delivery to Investors.

The Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, made this announcement through the official Telegram channel of the company on Sunday May 23, 2021.

Writing on telegram, Mr Michael Chidiebere also revealed that Racksterli will be moving into its newly acquired temporary office this week.

“We will be moving into the new building this week unfailingly. And we will also employ more hands to enable us work faster and smarter”, he wrote

“Expect fast and swift response from my customer care representative starting from this week.”, he concluded.

In the same way, writing on Telegram to announce the acquisition of the new temporary office on Saturday May 22, 2021, Mr Michael Chidiebere remarked:

“Since the launch of the new Racksterli, one of the major challenges that people have been facing with us has been the issue of not having a strong customer care to reach out to like we used to have.

“We understand that one of the ways to build confidence in our subscribers is by reassuring them that when they have issues, they can reach out to us and have it fixed.

“Now, we won’t only bring back all our old workforce, we would also be adding more workforce.

Meanwhile, Investors continue to embrace the double Coupon Offer scheme which was reopened on April 20, 2021.

Most Investors see this as one of the best route towards recovering Invested Capital back from the old website.

For now, the best route towards getting your cash from the old website is to embrace the double Coupon Offer.

And before you subscribe for the double code offer, kindly go through the coupon vendor you know and trust. You stand a better chance of getting your codes in no distant time when you follow this advice.

The processing and delivery of double Coupon codes to Investors will become in the coming days and weeks ahead as the management of Racksterli welcome more workers into its workforce.

In the meantime, we call on Investors to remain calm, be patient, and show great level of understanding for Racksterli.

Racksterli is gradually building confidence back into the minds of Investors, and as long as the management continues on this part, the new website is course to survive till December, 2021 in the short term.

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