Racksterli Battles Back To Put Smiles On Investors’ Faces

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme is gradually building confidence back in her investors and also putting smiles in their faces once again.

The management of Racksterli have been waging series of battles in the past few months when the company was stuck in the wilderness of crisis, uncertainty, chaos, panic, misinformation, false information, and hopelessness.

The situation was so terrible back then that the CEO of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, revealed that he had suffered from mental depression during the tribulations period.

But the management battled through the storms, endured pains in the wilderness, fought tirelessly in the tunnel of trepidation to see the light, in order to ensure that Joy, happiness, smiles return back to the faces of investors.

The management implemented strategies upon strategies, adjusted and modified her plans, and they were constantly flexible in their determination to rescue the company from toxic atmosphere plaguing it towards repositioning it to where it has always belonged.

The management of Racksterli demonstrated great levels of transparency, accountability, sincerity, and open-mindedness in staying true to their word: refunding invested Capital back to Subscribers in the old website.

Thousands of investors were cleared from the old website and paid off; with Mr Michael Chidiebere declaring recently that Racksterli had refunded more than N2 Billion back to Investors in both cash and code sales.

Though several other thousands of old Investors of Racksterli are still vehemently angry that they have not received their Invested Capital back, the general feeling out there is gradually becoming positive.

A background research carried out recently, based on testimonies and sentiments from various social media groups and channels, indicates that more than 80% of those old website investors refunded had reinvested again into the new website tagged ‘Racksterli 2.0′.

Following the rate at which several other Investments platforms have been crashing, most old Investors of Racksterli have started appreciating the efforts, transparency, accountability, sincerity, and open-mindedness of the company.

Investors have started to trust Racksterli again, and most of them are showing this trust by investing in the new site.

It is this trust level that Investors have for the new Racksterli website that has made the company hit 36,200 users in just two months of its existence.

Another positive drive worth highlighting at this point is the improved customer care service complaint department to carter for the daily complains and dissatisfaction of investors.

In the old Racksterli website, most investors were ignorant on how to properly channel their complaints and dissatisfaction to the appropriate communication network of the company for support.

But, the management of Racksterli have now made it easier for investors to directly reach out to them through her Telegram Channel and Telegram Chat Room.

The Telegram channels were created to listen to the worries, difficulties, and complaints of investors. So, you have nothing to worry about when you see thousands of investors making complaints there.

There are periods you may be worried that the complaints are on the high side; do not be worried at all because people have different complaints to make, and they are making it in the appropriate channel.

The management of Racksterli created telegram to listen to the complaints of Investors; now, why do you expect to get something different?

Consider this analogy: it is just like seeing people going to the toilet every morning and you start complaining or getting worried that the number of people visiting the toilet in the morning are very high.

Why was the toilet created in the first place? Was it not created for people to go and ease themselves? In the same way, Telegram was created to attend to complaints, so do not troubled when you read about investors’ complaint.

With both the Telegram Channel and Telegram Chat Room, Investors have have found a unique place to directly lay their complaints and dissatisfaction to the company.

Racksterli Telegram channel is certainly reaching out to more Investors of the company daily, and the management uses it to directly reach out and communicate with Investors.

From both the Telegram channel and chat rooms, it has been easier for both management and investors to get daily updates on payments disbursed and received by subscribers.

As more investors leverage on telegram to get their complaints resolved by the management, several thousands of investors have also used both channels to share testimonies and screenshots of payments received from Racksterli.

Take it or leave, Racksterli continues to battle on a daily basis to put smiles back on the faces of investors, and this battle will definitely go on.

The management of Racksterli had demonstrated great levels of commitment to investors and it is about time Investors return the favour by being committed, following rules and regulations, and making their legitimate complaint in the appropriate channel.

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