Racksterli CEO Michael Chidiebere Scams 500,000 Investors of N400 Billion: Could This Really Be True or Rumour?

Various stories and writeups have circulated on the internet, social media groups and channels, that Mr Michael Chidiebere has allegedly swindled over 500,000 investors to the tune of N400 Billion.

Mr Michael Chidiebere is the Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme Scheme in Nigeria.

Thousands of investors have reacted angrily to the alleged reports, which have equally sent various Racksterli social media groups and channels into panic, frustrations, anxieties, and total meltdown.

Thousands of investors fell for these stories and reports that have been circulating that Racksterli has scammed; and they have been reacting accordingly.

You see the problem here? Human beings only react to what they believe in, and that is exactly what is happening in Racksterli.

As far as thousands of investors already decided and made up their minds that BG is a scammer, they were bound to react according and vent out their frustrations.

But, at this juncture, we need to pause for awhile and ask some critical questions.

Did it ever occur to these group of investors that the news of Racksterli scamming investors could be a rumour?

Why were investors so quick to believe that Racksterli scammed them of their money?

Did anyone ever stay calm to ask why the rumours were circulating? Who were those responsible for circulating the rumours?

Why was it easy for people to actually believe that Racksterli had scammed investors?

Could these stories be merely rumours being circulated by unscrupulous elements to take advantage of the crisis plaguing Racksterli to further damage the reputation of the company?

Could these stories be true? Could it be true that Mr Michael Chidiebere has indeed scammed investors?

Did Mr Michael Chidiebere really scammed 500,000 investors of N400 Billion?

In order to be able to ascertain the authenticity of the aforementioned stories, it is highly necessary to observe, study, and analyze the facts available on ground.

The stories circulating alleged that Blackgold scammed 500,000 investors the sum of N400 Billion.

How did Mr Michael Chidiebere scam 500,000 investors of N400 Billion?

How did the rumour mongers arrive at these figures? Do they have access to Racksterli’s Database? Do they even have information on the total number of registered investors?

Now, let us consider the facts available and attempt to use them to provide response to these rumours.

What do the facts available show? The facts on ground fully dispute this erroneous information.

The old Racksterli website had 395,000 registered accounts, while the new site had 38,984 registered users.

If you add both figures together, it would never give you the total sum of 500,000 subscribers as reported by those peddling the rumours.

395,000 + 38,984 = 433,984.

Now, let us analyze the 395,000 accounts found on the old website.

It is common knowledge that thousands of investors had multiple accounts in the old website too, so 395,000 registered accounts do not necessarily equate to 395,000 registered users.

It is also an established fact that Racksterli had paid out over N2 Billion to old investors of the company through both normal refunding and double Coupon Offer code.

So, is it not obvious from the facts above that somebody cooked up lies to deceive everyone else?

Is it not obvious that those spreading misinformation that Racksterli scammed 500,000 investors of N400 billion cooked up lies that gullible investors fell for?

Meanwhile, those spreading rumours that Racksterli had scammed investors also claimed that Mr Michael Chidiebere had no intention of refunding Capital back to investors.

Could this be another assumption or true?

When Racksterli 1.0 crashed, the management of Racksterli made conscious and determined efforts to refund Invested Capital back to investors.

From the 28th of March, 2021 till date, the refunding process has been ongoing; though the process have now been suspended till September.

Racksterli began the refunding process by paying cash to investors before the company introduced both the Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the double Coupon Offer.

The evidence of payments disbursed by Racksterli were readily available on social media groups.

But, why then did most people deceived other investors to believe the alerts were fake or Photoshopped or edited.

An anonymous investor confirmed that Racksterli made payments to two of its downlines; one was N14,000 while the other received N1,120,000.

These facts are not consistent with the watermarks of a hardened scammer.

Therefore, based on the analytical studies of the aforementioned premise, it is highly illogical and inaccurate to conclude that Racksterli CEO, Mr Michael Chidiebere, scammed 500,000 investors of N400 Billion.

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