Racksterli CEO, Mr Chidiebere, ‘is Sincere, Transparent, and Needs Our Support’

Overwhelming reactions have continued to flow in support of Mr Michael Chidiebere, the Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, following an 11mins long audio clip that was circulated in various social media groups on Thursday May 27, 2021.

Basically, the voice note, which was personally made by Mr Chidiebere and primarily to Racksterli investors on WhatsApp, highlighted the challenges that had plagued the company from March 7, 2021 till date and equally discussed the various strategies on how the company have fought tooth and nail to get Racksterli running again.

“We had a difficult choice to make when Racksterli 1.0 crashed: settle a few people and run away, or face the challenges on ground and fight to resolve them”, Mr Michael revealed in the voice note.

“We chose to stay and fight to resolve the problems that had faced the company back in March, 2021. We came out and stood up to our responsibilities”, Mr Michael said.

“We are not running away, and we have never had the intention of running away. Running away was never an option on the table. But we need your support and encouragement more than ever.”

Writing on Telegram, a user identified as Ovarah Increase reacted: “After listening to BG’s voice note, I just can’t help but love him more for his doggedness, resilience, brave and courageous efforts he has been making.”

“Truth is I myself was affected just like you all with millions worth investment but his honesty and sincerity in this trying time made me source for money to partake in the DOUBLE CODE OFFER not because of fear of not being refunded normally but for giving him the chance to redeem himself gradually.

“If I had the money I would give BG once without fear for the mere fact that he’s elevating myself and thousands of Nigerians out of poverty unlike our government.”

“Informed criticism is welcome for the progress of the brand aside that its right we cool down the tension. He needs our support full time and I know myself and tens of thousands are standing with you.”

“PSA : I was not paid for this. Its from my heart with love ❤❤❤”

Another user identified as Johnkennth noted that “if we all can be rational and listen to the inner voice in our head, we too will attest to the fact that he’s right.”

He wrote: “As rude and unruly this voicenote from BlacKGold may sound, he is very right. If we all can be rational and listen to the inner voice in our head, we too will attest to the fact that he’s right.”

“He’s human, he will only thrive in an atmosphere of encouragement.
All the whole dragging and backlashing would only frustrate him. And we all can hear from the VN what frustration can cause.”

“If he was going to run, he’d have ran since. I believe that. Nobody will choose to stay and be collecting bashing when you can just take an easy route.

“Since he has assured us, I urge us to encourage him.

“Please can we do something? Imagine 200+ subscribers from this group sending him encouraging messages everyday on his WhatsApp.

“We have vexed, we have ranted, we have thrown plenty tantrums and all these haven’t worked. How about we consciously send encouraging words and VNs to him everyday.

“If we can do the negative, we should also be able to do the positive.
It’s solution we all seek, isn’t it?
So who’s with me on this?

“Me too I want my money. I know what I’ve lost and what I’ve had to go through because of all these. But I think we should change strategy.

Another user called Osinachi Jr equally wrote: “Impatience and lack of understanding has been the problem you all are facing right now.”

“Instead of you to support the guy you’re here Ranting as if say you fit cough if him carry ur money jakpa..

“Shine ur eyes oo because na Naija you dey where money dey solve all the problem 😆. BG go just settle one or two Oga, and the matter go die there”

Another user, Izzy Vado, has this to say: “Most of us believe the cash refund has been stopped right? Why cause we are not seeing proof as before.

“But I want you to know some people invested money that can change people life in Racksterli. They can’t leave those set of people and keep paying 14k. I understand no amount is small, let be patient and trust the process.”

“I have millions in the old Racksterli and I can’t afford to do the double package but I still invested in the new with the believe that I can use the new Racksterli to save up money so I can do the double refund.”

“Guys please I am not part of the Racksterli team and am not paid for anything. I no understand as people pack come my dm say I don collect money for weytin I dey talk”

“I’m not holding anybody from making their decisions but negative vibes won’t change anything.”

Timothy Aransiola articulated his own reflections: “seriously, I have not received refund and I don’t have a dime in my account, I used my last KOBO to invest in RACKSTERLI.”

“I got paid the first time during the glitch but I trusted the process and reinvested because my conscience keep telling me that it’s not fair if I don’t reinvest.

“I am not saying everyone should have the conscience like me but… Let’s try and think just like BG said in his voice note.

“I’m not boasting but I’m just saying we should cool down and see if this guy is actually telling the truth or not (although we can see he his telling the truth,he has refunded some people and Grant the double package offer of which some are already enjoying it)… Some people complaining here self had even earn more than they invested and yet they keep complaining.”

“I believe we can co-ordinate ourselves and that’s why in the new RACKSTERLI, one of the conditions is that, you must be 18yrs and above. God help us oooo.

“Even up till now I have not gotten my refund, I’m saying this so you won’t say maybe they have bribed me or I have received my refund.”

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