“Racksterli CEO won’t have Peace till he pays my money” – Investor Laments

In a series of lamentations, an investor into Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme has taken to WhatsApp to express his mixed feelings on the ongoing refunding process of Invested Capital back to Investors.

Though pained and disappointed, he highlighted the sins salient points on why Investors needed to trust, and have hope in the company.

He writes:

“I’m angry that I’ve not been refunded, but let’s be logical and reason together.

“Money is not in cash but in assets (real estates), blackgold must sell, and use the money to pay us back, selling of properties may take some time.

“If to say the guy return our money immediately, i go know say him no dey reinvest with our investment, he’s just robbing Peter to pay Paul.

“It can take some time to sell, you don’t expect him to sell at a loss.
Let him just make the process of selling faster.

“Also, all these investment platform wey don dey before, I’ve not seen any one refunding their subscribers.

“If we talk say make we go Legal, na our hand we use press Ok for terms and conditions.
See, the best thing is to beg and urge BG to keep paying us.

Corroborating the points made above, another Investor replied:

“Exactly. Where will he see ROI to pay if he’s not investing it too. Let’s be logical please.

“It will definitely get to us. We will all get paid.

“God will not let his MIND rest until he pays us all

Newsbeatportal.com is calling on the CEO of Racksterli, and the entire management of the company to live up to their promises and settle Investors.

The management should equally be transparent and accountable to Investors by providing quality information and real facts to calm Investors.

Racksterli, as a brand, should be reminded that so many people are clinging to the company; thus, they should desist from carrying out actions that would dampen investors’ confidence and destroy the image of the company.

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