Racksterli Creating Problems for Themselves and Investors

The management of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme is facing renewed pressure and backlash again from investors after creating another problem, that could have been avoided, for themselves and their investors.

On Monday June 7, 2021, Mr Michael Chidiebere announced the Phase 3 of the Double Coupon Offer scheme that grant investors access to retrieve their accounts from the old website when they buy the equivalent of such accounts in the new website.

This announcement did not go down well with thousands of investors who had participated in the Phase 2 of the Double Coupon Offer scheme, but are yet to receive the codes they paid for.

Several thousands of investors took to various social media channels and groups to voice their frustrations, irritations, disappointments, and uneasiness.

Though the double Coupon Offer scheme in itself is a welcomed development, but it was the timing of launch that has angered investors.

When Mr Michael Chidiebere announced that the Phase 2 of the double Coupon Offer scheme would close on Friday June 4, 2021, investors never envisaged that the scheme would be reopened three days after.

Read the message he sent out to investors on June 3, 2021: “Children of God, kindly be reminded that everything that has to do with the double code offer would end tomorrow Friday 4th June and would most likely not be opened again.”

“It would be in your best interest to act now than beg later for us to reopen it.

“We wish to leave it open forever but unfortunately, we might not be able to do that so as not to jeopardize the future of our new Racksterli.

Furthermore, when Mr Michael Chidiebere had earlier addressed investors in a live Instagram broadcast on Thursday May 27, 2021, he noted:

“Next week Friday [June 4, 2021], we’d officially end the double code offer.”

“Questions like: when is it going to be reopened? We have no idea but would inform you if it would be reopened.”

“How about those who paid and are yet to get their codes before Friday: even after we close it, we won’t stop till we’ve cleared all pending issues of those who already paid.”

It is worth noting here that Racksterli specifically decided to end the Phase 2 of the double Coupon Offer scheme in order to sort out, verify, and deliver codes to investors who made payments.

However, as at the time of writing this article, thousands of investors had not received their codes.

A research into the official Telegram channel created by Racksterli for investors to lay their complaints shows that thousands of investors had not received the codes they paid for.

But why did Racksterli not resolve majority of the issues hovering around the Phase 2 of the double Coupon Offer scheme before initiating the Phase 3 of the offer?

Racksterli has created a big problem for themselves and investors; the blame must fall squarely on the shoulders of the management should their be a fallout from this mess.

Thus, we call on Racksterli to clean up this mess immediately and stern it from spiralling out of control. For if Racksterli must remain in business, the management must learn to avoid ambiguity and crisis.

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