Racksterli Double Code Offer Phase 2 Ends Friday June 4, 2021

The second phase of the Double Coupon Offer scheme created for old Investors of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme in order for them to retrieve their accounts from the old website will come to an end on Friday June 4, 2021.

The Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, reminded investors on Thursday June 3, 2021 from Racksterli’s Official Telegram Channel.

Mr Chidiebere wrote: “Children of God, kindly be reminded that everything that has to do with the double code offer would end tomorrow Friday 4th June and would most likely not be opened again.”

“It would be in your best interest to act now than beg later for us to reopen it.

“We wish to leave it open forever but unfortunately, we might not be able to do that so as not to jeopardize the future of our new Racksterli.

“Take action while you can. You still have till the end of tomorrow [today]… cheers.”

Recall that Mr Michael Chidiebere had earlier revealed to investors on Thursday May 27, 2021 and reiterated the information again on Sunday May 30, 2021, that the Double Coupon Offer scheme would come to an end on June 4, 2021.

Addressing Investors in a live broadcast from his Official Instagram Page, Mr Michael Chidiebere equally revealed that Racksterli had made tremendous progress in sales of the company’s assets and are in a better financial position right now to refund more Invested Capital back to those who invested in the old website.

A message obtained from Racksterli’s Official telegram channel on Thursday May 27, 2021 did not reveal when the phase 3 of the Double Coupon Offer scheme will be opened.

The message reads: “Next week Friday [June 4, 2021], we’d officially end the double code offer.”

“Questions like: when is it going to be reopened? We have no idea but would inform you if it would be reopened.”

“How about those who paid and are yet to get their codes before Friday: even after we close it, we won’t stop till we’ve cleared all pending issues of those who already paid.”

“However, note that if you pay after Friday you’ll only get a single code that you paid for and not double code.”

As exclusively revealed by this website, thousands of investors embraced the second phase of the double Coupon Offer scheme because of the improved confidence level of subscribers.

Most of these investors who took to social media groups to express their feelings, have revealed that the double Coupon Offer provides them with the most realistic way of getting their Invested Capital back.

“Most Investors see the Double Coupon Package Offer as one of the best route towards recovering Invested Capital back from the old website”, an investor remarked.

“For now, the best route towards getting your cash from the old website is to embrace the double Coupon Offer”, Mr James suggested.

“And before you subscribe for the double code offer, kindly go through the coupon vendor you know and trust.

As at the time of filing this report, most investors who embraced the first phase of the double Coupon Offer scheme had received both their payments from Racksterli old website and the new website.

The double Coupon Offer success rate has not only help Racksterli is reducing the number of un-refunded investors, but it has equally helped in generating more liquidity for the company.

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