Racksterli Fails to Pay Old Investors For More Than 7 Days

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme has failed to refund Invested Capital back to old investors of its platforms for more than one week and counting.

This new development is in strong contrast to the series of promises, hopes, and reassurances that the management of the company has repeatedly made to investors.

The failure to refund to refund Invested Capital back to old investors of Racksterli is gradually damaging the already shaky reputation that the company has been rebuilding since the old platform crashed.

The Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, had in a more recent live broadcast from his Official Instagram Page promised to continue the refunding process till every Investors is repaid.

He equally reassured old Investors of the platform that the refunding process would become faster following the closure of the Double Coupon Offer scheme.

However, the company has so far failed to live up to its expectations and , sadly, earlier reassuring words and promises made in the past have not been kept.

Prior to this latest development and sudden change in attitude, the management of Racksterli had refunded Invested Capital back to more than 200,000 old Investors.

The management enhanced its reputation and credibility by its transparency, accountability, sincerity, and open-mindedness.

The company set a precedence that had never happened in the history of affiliate marketing by kicking off the refunding process of Invested Capital back to old Investors.

But it is worth noting here that Racksterli is gradually destroying its image and shaky reputation by its inability to continue the refunding process.

This latest development is certainly going to damage the image of the company.

Most unpaid old Investors of Racksterli are already getting agitated and frustrated with the recent happenings in the company.

Below is a compilation of few frustrations vented by old Investors on social media groups.

Expressing his disappointments, Mr Adedayo wrote: “The earlier we realize that this money is gone, the better for us. I used to have hope that it will come, but believe me I’ve even killed the hope sef. You can choose to keep yours alive though, but I tell you, BG doesn’t want to pay up.

According to another Investor, Mr Crown: “One thing I know for sure is BG should know that thousands of people are weeping because of him, and he should know the spiritual implication of that… I rest my case”

He lamented further:

“Whether igbo or not, trust me nemesis will catch up … It may take time but trust me when it shows, he will ever regret his actions…by then there is no remedy…

“Someone I know died last week Wednesday due to some stuff involving people. Even on her sick bed for over a month, she was just regretting all she did but at last she nor make am…. If he’s cruising on us just relax let nature fight it…”

Another old Investor, Mr Azeez added to the discourse:

“Many people are weeping in silence just because an investment platform was advertised as legit and they invested their hard earned money in it.

“I used to think if those that always say who forced you to invest have brain at all. Is it a crime to invest?

“I have seen someone that died in the hospital bcos she could not afford 30k for treatment. No matter how small an amount of money is, it could mean a lot to others.

Reacting to the above, Mr Crown wrote:

“I’ve seen many billionaires turned to wretched poor men. How the money go vanish, him nor go know…

“When a big man have a problem money can not solve then he’ll know money is not everything. What I’m saying I know just watch. I’m really pained.

To a large extent, the management of Racksterli has demonstrated strong commitments towards repaying back Capital to Investors.

But the company needs to understand the symbiotic relationship between the old platforms and the new website.

As long as Racksterli has not successfully refunded Invested Capital back to Investors on the old website, the negativity this action brings will be severely damaging to the reputation of the new website.

The longer Racksterli delays in clearing up the backlogs from the old website, the more agitated Investors on the new platform will become.

This is to remind the management of Racksterli that Investors on the new platform are keenly interested and watching closely what happens with the Refunding process initiated on the old website.

The successful completion of the refunding process of old Investors would go a long way in calming down nerves, bringing hope to both old and new Investors, and reassuring everyone that their Investments is secured with Racksterli.

On the contrary, should Racksterli continues to delay in refunding Invested Capital back to old Investors, then this will lead to anxiety and tarnish the confidence level of investors in the new platform.

Once the confidence level of investors becomes low, panic will set in; panic will eventually lead to chaos and demise of the new platform.

The management of Racksterli cannot allow this to happen and that’s the reason why they must act now.

The refunding process of Invested Capital back to Investors must be resumed as soon as possible, and this will invariably restore back confidence to the entire system.

If Racksterli cannot successfully refund Invested Capital back to old Investors despite all the promises, hopes, reassurances from the CEO, then Racksterli cannot be trusted.

If Racksterli cannot be trusted then new Investors have no reason what so ever to do business with Racksterli.

Racksterli 2.0 will definitely crash should the management of the company continue to break promises made to old Investors without fulfilling them.

And when eventually Racksterli 2.0 crashes in no distant time, the new Investors will definitely suffer the same fate that is currently hitting old Investors of Racksterli, and theirs will certainly be worse.

The company doesn’t have a choice but to refund Invested Capital back to old Investors as quickly as possible. Failure to do so will send the company into bankruptcy. This time around, the devastating effects will be highly massive when compared to Racksterli 1.0.

So, for Racksterli 2.0 to survive far longer than the former platform, then the company must do the right thing and fulfil the promises made to old Investors.

In a nutshell, the longevity and sustainability of Racksterli 2.0 is heavily dependent on the success of the refunding process of Invested Capital back to Investors of the Racksterli 1.0.


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