Racksterli has a ‘no Refund policy’, says CEO Michael Chidiebere

The CEO of Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme on Tuesday April 13, 2021 reminded old investors of the platform of their responsibilities towards the company.

Writing on Racksterli’s main WhatsApp group page, Mr Chidiebere reiterated that the company had to abandon its ‘no Refund policy’ in order to show to everyone out there how transparent, different, and committed Racksterli is towards its investors.

Read his words below:

“Y’all keep abusing the respect and love I show to y’all.
I come up everyday to update y’all on every progress we’re making and steps we’re taking to make the whole process faster but all we get in return is abuse of privilege.

“There’s a no refund policy that you agreed to before signing up but we as a platform that banks on relationship with our subscribers doesn’t want to look into that terms and conditions and would never look into it no matter what.

“We would keep refunding daily like we promised and we would never stop that process till every single person gets their refund but it’s very obvious that our transparency and regular update is being abused and we might no longer be able to carry everyone along in every step we take. However, no day would pass without us dishing out refunds.

“Do not expect so much detailed updates from us henceforth. We would keep updating you on things we feel you should know. When we finish paying off the standard and get to the premium we would announce so.

“Whatever happens, no other platform would ever be thus transparent and truthful to It’s subscribers and we give ourselves credit for that.

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