Racksterli: How to create your account without withdrawal issues

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Programme is a platform that rewards you for doing almost nothing!

You don’t need to read news or comment to earn money on this website. So, how do you get started?

♦ A smart phone
♦ Access to internet
♦ About 30mins or less per day
♦ A social media account to share sponsored post
♦ Bank account to withdraw your money

I am going to explain to you the necessary steps you need to follow in order to accurately create your Racksterli dashboard.

Do you know that the most important aspect of investing in Racksterli is to create your account accurately?

So, what are you expected to do?

First, before you create your Racksterli account, you need to get an upliner – someone who already has an investment with the company. You can contact John Paul: 07030635051. John Paul will tell you a lot about what you need to know about racksterli.

Secondly, you can only read this next step once you have successfully discussed with your upliner. This means that you are now ready to move to the next stage.

Thirdly, your bank account details are very important. You MUST create your Racksterli account from your Bank details. Why is this important? It is important because you MUST be paid after 30 days.

I know you do not want your payment to be delayed; this is the reason your Racksterli details have to match with your bank details.

Note: you can only withdraw your earnings from Racksterli using any commercial Bank in Nigeria.

Fourthly, once you have satisfied the aforementioned stages, then you now fully ready to create your Racksterli account. So, what are you supposed to do from here onward?

1. You need to contact a verified coupon vendor in order to buy any Racksterli package of your choice.

I will suggest you go through your upliner to help you identify the authorized vendors. Alternatively, you can ask John Paul: 07030635051 for assistance.

2. You can visit racksterli.com to begin your registration process after purchasing your coupon code from a verified coupon vendor.

3. You enter your first name, last name, username, password, email address, phone number, couple code, referral name, and sign up.

Let me explain the steps further below using the example below.

My Bank Details:
James Joseph
Zenith Bank

From the bank details above, I can proceed to create my Racksterli account.

USERNAME: James2021
PASSWORD: choseanything
EMAIL ADDRESS: choseanything@gmail.com
NUMBER: 07030635051
COUPON CODE: enter-the-code-you- ought
REFERRED by: John Paul
Click on “SIGN UP”

The above illustration is an example of how to accurately create your Racksterli account.

Finally, after creating your Racksterli account, you need to login into your dashboard and verify your withdrawal Bank details.

Once your account is verified, the next thing you need to do is share your sponsored post for that very day.

You need to understand that if you don’t share the company’s sponsored post, you will miss out on the earnings for that very day.

Therefore, it is very important that you login into your dashboard daily to share the sponsored posts for that day.

For more concise understanding of what to do on Racksterli, read the additional information below!

How to register on Racksterli:

1. Meet the person that introduced you to/or racksteri or racksterli website itself, get a coupon vendor from the site, or from your sponsor

2. Click on the link sent to you,from your sponsor (if applicable)

3. Register with your name as it is on your bank accountz and all other information correctly.

4. Fill in the coupon code sent to you, and choose the package you paid for i.e standard, premium etc

5. Confirm the name of the person that referred you , in the “referred by” tab (if applicable)

6. Tick the Accept terms and conditions tab

7. On successful registeration, verify your bank account. And you are good to go

Then click register!!! 👏🏼👏🏼


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