Breaking: Racksterli Investment Refunds Capital back to Investors

On the 28th of March, 2021 Racksterli Investment Scheme began to pay Investors their Capital, which had invested into the company.

The refunding came, surprisingly, a day earlier than scheduled. Below is a screenshot of the surprised announcement by the CEO to his Group of trusted coupon vendors.

Following several backlogs of payments that had piled up as a result of the glitch suffered by the platform, the CEO announced on March 26th, 2021 that every Investors would be paid back their Capital Investment. Below is a detailed apology from the CEO.

In his live Instagram video scheduled for 6pm Nigerian time on Sunday, March 28, 2021, the CEO informed subscribers that refunding Money invested into the company by investors would run throughout a 30-day cycle.

Invariably, investors would be paid back their Capital following the expiration of their current contract with the company. For those who contracts ended between the 15th to 28th of March, 2021, refunds have been disbursed to the affected investors.

For those cashing out on 29th, 30th, and 31st of March, 2021, kindly endeavour to click on the cashout Button in order for you to get your refund in those specific days.

This process is certainly going to run till April 26, 2021 when every Investors would have been paid back their Capital.

Below is an excerpt from the Live Broadcast:


πŸ“Œ *Thank you all for all your support and believe in us so far, right from when July 2020 to this moment… We do not take your trust for granted*

πŸ“Œ *Like we promised, we planned to dish out refunds beginning from 29th, that’s Monday but we decided to surprise Racksterlians by dishing out the payment from today, 28th.. This is to assure you all that everyone will definitely smile at the end of it all*

πŸ“Œ *Everyone will be paid, we will not stop dishing out refunds to you all till the last person gets paid on Racksterli*

πŸ“Œ *We promised you all that good news is coming, we are taking our time to establish a perfect and better experience for you all in order to correct past mistakes.

πŸ“Œ *Our current priority is to ensure that everyone gets paid and we will not rest until everyone is paid*

πŸ“Œ *Once again, we are sorry for all the inconveniences caused during this hitch*

Few investors that had received their Capital back shared the screenshots below on WhatsApp.

More Updates coming soon…


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