Racksterli Investors Are Largely Architects Of Their Own Complaints

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme Investors have been found out to be largely responsible for most of the complaints they make on several social media groups and channels on a daily basis.

This should not be misinterpreted to absolving the management of Racksterli from faults of their own; rather, from the analysis given below, you would realise that the bulk of the negative vibes spread against the company falls squarely on the shoulders of subscribers.

Only very few investors truly understand the rules and regulations governing subscribers on Racksterli, while others are often guilty of either paying deaf ears to them or portraying lackadaisical attitudes.

Some of the rules governing subscribers include:

1. Multiple accounts registeration is strictly prohibited by Racksterli. Every investor is only legitimately required to create only one account.

2. Investors eligible for Cashout should expect payments between 12hours to 72 hours after cashing out from the platform.

3. Investors are prohibited from using Student accounts to make withdrawals from the platform.

4. Account details of subscribers must match with their registeration details.

From the few aforementioned rules stated above, it is crystal clear on what is required and expected of investors; but, do you know that most investors on Racksterli have broken these rules and several others?

No wonder, a Racksterlian wrote this beautiful piece in May, 2021 to all investors:

“Some people will make individual mistakes and still blame racksterli for their mistakes.”

“Do not make use of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or Point of Sales (POS) to pay for your Double Codes Offer, don’t use student account, don’t use multiple accounts, always follow instructions.”

“Majority of the problem people have here is individually caused but they will not be humble to tell u they are at fault rather they will go on and begin finding fault with the system.”

“Some investors, during registeration, make use of nicknames without knowing that their names will have to tally with their account number.”

“When they don’t get paid they will start blaming the system.”

“Some will use capital letters in place of small letters for the email and password during registration, when they have invalid credentials they go ahead and blame the system.”

“My advise is if you cashed out and still want to reinvest please go ahead and do so. Just follow instructions.”

“Do not pay attention to the side talks from other investors; rather, go for verified information.”

“Again, kindly invest what you can endure and do not go about putting yourself under immense pressure to make it with Racksterli.”

“People took loans to invest, students made used of school fees and house rents to invest, others invested their lifetime savings and gratuities.”

“Should they be investing aggressively? The answer is obviously in the negative.”

“Every investor ought to be responsible and do what they ought to do, follow current updates on Racksterli from authentic sources and leave the rest to God.

“Racksterli is still Blessing life and I am a living testimony. By the way I am waiting for my fourth cashout in the new racksterli😋😋”

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