Racksterli Investors Must Seek the Truth, and Truth Will Set Us Free

This is the bitter truth: every investor is on their own when it comes to making decisions as it affects our relationship with the management of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme.

In the first place, everyone made a decision to invest into Racksterli without consulting and seeking advice from others.

Perhaps, most investors that Invested into the old website got to know about racksterli mainly from their upline or those who referred them into the systems.

After the old website crashed, I started researching, paying attention to discussions taking place in social media groups, and eventually started writing articles on Racksterli.

From March 26, 2021 till date, I have reported on happenings on Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme.

Writing stories on Racksterli has been challenging considering the fact that I chose to write and report the realities on ground irrespective of how both investors and management of Racksterli would react them.

In an attempt to attain objectivity in my coverage of Racksterli, I have entertained insults and criticisms from investors.

But these challenges have only reaffirm my desires to continue to follow up with my passions in reporting real facts and current happenings on Racksterli.

From my experiences, I came to understand that you just cannot trust most of the information investors put out there on social media groups.

It is has been proven over and over again that what many investors report on social media groups are far from reality, and the current happening in Racksterli.

In an attempt to express their feelings on the situation of things, most people are biased, and often conjure up lies and rumours in order to backup your own narratives and storyline.

This is a dangerous trend on social media groups and every investor ought to be on guard against these manipulating sets of investors.

People do not tell the truth. And as long as most of these investors continue to spill out lies and bias out there, it becomes even more difficult to ascertain how investors truly feel.

But then, there is hope for every investor. Before you registered to join Racksterli most people did not know about it. So, never allow other investors mislead or manipulate your decision making process.

Most investors will never tell you about their real plans; in fact, many have constantly changed their plans with each passing day.

When Racksterli old website crashed, everybody was scared, anxious, and pained. The crash created panic into the heart of every investor.

Different unsubstantiated information, rumours, misleading narratives were constantly bombarding investors daily on social media groups.

The management of Racksterli took a decision to refund Invested Capital back to investors in the old website.

As reported on this website, the refunding process was painstakingly slow and the company had to dish out funds gradually to subscribers.

Some people were paid, and several others are still waiting to be paid. While those who got refunded have either moved on with their lives or reinvested into the new Racksterli website, others are still hoping to get their money back.

People say and write a lot of negative things when they are angry, emotional, and distressed. They equally shift positions when things begin to improve for the better.

This is exactly the reason why you cannot take to heart what most people spill out on social media groups.

Most investors in the new Racksterli website once vowed in the past that they would never do business with the company again; but then they changed their minds are still with Racksterli.

Most investors will complain in several social media groups; but only few go back to testify when they have been settled.

Most investors prefer to create Panic, chaos, crisis, and spill out their negative emotions when things are not going well for them. But, you do not hear again from them when things improve.

Most people bashing out at Racksterli today do not have accounts with the company, yet they continue to mislead other investors.

This is why it is imperative for every investor to be careful with what they assimilate in so many Racksterli social media groups.

Having realised how deceptive, manipulative, and biased most investors tend to be, I had to make decisions based on what I see on ground.

I do not follow what people say anymore; rather, I follow what they do.

Some investors once told me that they won’t invest more than N14,000 in the new platform. Not until they were paid did I realized that they Invested more N150,000 in the new Racksterli website.

In a nut shell, every investor in Racksterli has a choice to make when it relates to our decision making process.

Seek the truth and the truth will always Set us free.

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