Racksterli Is Gradually Driving In The Right Direction

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme is making tremendous progress in its determination to not only regain the full confidence of investors but also set the pace as one of the most transparent affiliate marketing network out there.

After several weeks of being in the negative spotlight and constantly making ambiguous statements, recent evidences on ground point to the fact that Racksterli is definitely turning out in the positive direction at the right time.

This latest development has brought great enthusiasm and excitement, and several investors are super excited at being among the great investors belonging to the Racksterli family.

With the gradual shift of investors sentiments from the negative territory into the positive zone, we are more than happy to announce that Racksterli is driving in the right direction.

It is not yet Uhuru for both the management of Racksterli and its investors; but as things begin to fall into place, it is worth celebrating this new found positive drives. And know this: nobody has the right to take away this Joy from you.

Recently, the Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, announced the launch of an official communication channel on social media platform called Telegram.

For a start, the company deserves to be commended for leveraging on the potential and capabilities of this social media platform.

The creation of a telegram channel to give first hand, direct information, and authentic facts breaking from the company will definitely push Racksterli as a brand towards higher position rating territory.

Few weeks ago, we were vehemently angry with Racksterli and this made us launched a scathing attack towards the management of Racksterli for their inability to properly manage and disseminate accurate information to investors.

However, the creation of Racksterli Official Telegram channel has greatly helped in correcting the aforementioned abnormalities.

It is worth noting here that the Racksterli Official Telegram channel is certainly going to reach out to more Investors of the company when compared to the official WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles of the company.

There is no doubt that Racksterli will leverage on the full capacity of its Telegram channel to directly reach out and communicate with Investors.

This Telegram channel will help Racksterli deal with fake news stories, false information, distortions of facts, and misinformation propagated by scrupulous elements to derail the vision of the company.

Racksterli has an obligation to tell her stories daily to Investors and keep everyone informed on updates, happenings, developments, and especially fighting the false narratives against the company.

As the saying goes: “if you do not make conscious efforts to tell your stories by yourself, you will obviously not be happy when others decide to tell your stories for you”.

As Racksterli begins to tell her stories and bring the truth, and factual information to investors, this will give confidence to Investors and help them make informed and rational decisions on their Investments with the company.

Racksterli is gradually making everyone proud of them again as the company seeks to do things the right way.

Apart from the fact that Racksterli is leveraging on Telegram to tell her stories directly to investors, the social media channel will also help the company have a direct access to the feelings, emotions, and thoughts of investors.

Racksterli, as a brand, has an obligation to tell her stories directly to investors irrespective of how Investors may react to them.

As long as the management of Racksterli tells the truth at all times, the truth will not only set the company free, but it will also help impact positively on its image.

This article had to be written in order to send a message to our readers that we care about objectivism in our attempt to report on current happenings on Racksterli.

When things are not sailing in the right direction, we write about them diligently. When things improve, we are equally under obligation to write about them too.

At this juncture, it is worth reporting here that on Friday May 28, 2021, Racksterli leveraged on its Telegram channel to accurately inform its investors on the reason why some of them did not receive payments the previous day.

The company wrote: “some of the payments we made yesterday [Thursday May 27, 2021] was reversed and we would be pushing them out again shortly.”

“If you are among those sets of investors, you have nothing to worry about. In a few minutes you should get your payment. We are re-initiating it ASAP.”

Take it or leave it, but this singular message from Racksterli on May 28, 2021 went a long way in initiating tremendous confidence in the minds and hearts of investors.

This is a great step towards building and sustaining investors’ confidence in the company, and we are finally happy that the management decided to directly reach out to investors.

As it stands, Investors no longer need to struggle to get access to exclusive information on Racksterli daily, for everyone need to be made aware of the company’s Official telegram channel.

Racksterli need to promote the Telegram channel to every subscriber investing into the company.

Investors Must be encouraged to embrace this opportunity to get exclusive and direct information from Racksterli.

As Racksterli continues to make the right steps towards sustaining the confidence level of investors, we call on every Investor to be appreciative of the strives being made by the company.

Investors need to get authentic information from the right source, and Racksterli has finally provided everyone with this opportunity.

In a nut shell, the management of Racksterli is definitely driving the company in the right direction and this epoch breaking step will definitely boast the confidence level of investors.

As long as Racksterli continues on this new found part, Investors confidence will increase greatly.

The more the confidence level of big Investors grow in Racksterli, the more they are highly likely to continue doing business with the company.

And the more the big Investors continue their business relationship with Racksterli, then there is a high probability chance that Racksterli 2.0 will survive till December, 2021 in the short term.

Thus, as long as the aforementioned status quo remains in place, then any average investor contemplating pulling out their Investments from Racksterli will be doing themselves a great disservice.

Click this link to join Racksterli on its Telegram Channel in order to get direct information, real facts, and accurate information on the company.

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