Racksterli News: Racksterlians Need to Wake up, says Zarau

Writing on a public Racksterli telegram group, an investor going by the name Zarau, logically highlights reasons why all Racksterlians need to wait out the Refunding Process embarked upon by the management of Racksterli.

I have been quiet in this group, but let me quickly drop this, please if the admin dont like it, forgive me, it’s just an experience i had personally.

I was in an investment called famzhi. Now famzhi was not an online business, rather u go to their office which was very standard, u will fill form n invest just like opening an acct in the bank.

It was existing for 5years until lockdown. First the management reduced the percentage which investors were ok, and later they decided to return capital, which it also ok.

For 5 years it has been operating, so one can imagine the number of investor, some times in a day 1000 people register. The refund process was slow. Panic started.

The ceo was a woman, well know even her house here in abuja. Her village and everyone around her were know. Threat started. Someone even went as far as making it possible that she wont travel out, they had investors with 20m. Some died, some lost their love ones. Report everywhere.

Some people formed a group and went to human right, and the first thing he said was how foolish they were thinking an investment like that will last. He didnt give it more of a listening ear.

The second group put all physical evidences together, cos remember it was not online but physical filling of forms, so there were hard copies evidence. It was put together with her office idcard and went back to human right.

The ordinary president decided to give them a listening ear, it was aired. He called the ceo, and talked to her that she has to refund people and ask her how long should be given to her. She demand from that time which was February to may, that she will pay, and the ordinary president added 1 month which will be in june.

Now we have still not be paid yet. June is around the corner. Dont forget this problem started during lockdown which is April 2020. So it’s a year now and yet no refund.

With all the protest and blocking their office, it was still slow in payment. It was taken to human right radio, 4month was added to her for payment.

So my point, any length u go, even thought its court, he will say he will pay, and time will be given to him. So he might able to pay for 2month but court might give him 6months. So who did we cheat, ourselves.

Please let’s be careful. As I said just an experience i had.

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