Racksterli Official Statement Is Filled With Ambiguity, Confusion

After more than 10 days of full blown crisis, the management of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme on Monday June 14, 2021 made on an official announcement to update investors on recent happenings in the company.

From the official statement released by the Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, on his official WhatsApp page, the company highlighted several issues that has plagued Racksterli for more than four months.

The main point of the official release was the management of Racksterli soliciting for “a period of three months to resolve her financial issues and continue with the refund process.”

The official statement reads:

“Dear subscribers,

“After the glitch that occurred in March 2021, we made a hard but necessary decision to continue with the platform and introduce necessary strategies and plans to help you, our subscribers, recover both your Capital and profits from the old platform.

“The new platform has been running for two months nonstop and paying the subscribers who keyed in, both capital and profit from the old platform and that of the new concurrently.

“This was not easy, to be honest, but we had to do what was necessary to ensure that we kept our promise to you.

“We paid daily above all we generated in all of our investments but we did not wink knowing that in keeping our word to you, we were making all of the difference that we set out to do from the onset.

“As you know, we were deeply involved in crypto currency trading to generate revenue for the platform and was affected deeply by the downturn in the crypto market.

“Again, due to the CBN regulations in the country that prohibits commercial banks from enabling any entity from performing transactions related to crypto currency, our bank accounts got restricted.

“The other restrictions came from some of our subscribers who reported our accounts thereby making every effort to stay afloat more difficult and these have unfortunately brought us to this point.

“We wish to inform you that we will need a period of three months to resolve our financial issues and continue with the refund process.

“Thank you so much for your continued understanding.
Signed: The Management

Meanwhile, the official statement released by Racksterli is highly ambiguous and this ambiguity has led thousands of investors into confusion.

These are some of questions being asked by Racksterli investors:

“I am investor on the new site, but what I do not understand is this: is the 3 months affecting investors of the new platform as well?”

“Racksterli has been refunding Invested Capital back to old Investors, if the refunding is suspended for three months, does that mean that there’s hope for investors in the new site?”

“If Racksterli is suspending refunding process for three months, what about people that have paid for new coupon code and are yet to get them, are we going to them?”

“Is the refunding process for only old investors? What will happen to the new website investors?”

“I have a feeling we will get good news. BlackGold never said anything about shutting down the new site, he only talked about continuing the refund process. What will happen to the new website investors?”

“Oh my God, this unbelievable. Despite all the money we put into double offer, what is going to happen to the new website investors?”

“Please I just reached 17 days of my double package sponsor post, do still need to continue sharing my post?”

“If the refunding process is suspended, how sure are we that the management of Racksterli will get back to us within this three months?”

“The three months stuff, is it for only refund? How about those of us already having account in the new website, what becomes of our fate?”

“I even have double coupon code that hasn’t being delivered. All these are frustrating, what will happen to me now?”

“Black gold is suspending the refunding process till September, but what of some people that have already keyed into the double package offer scheme?”

“What about investors that cashed out on 7th of June, 2021 and with our dashboard showing “cashout paid out”, what is our fate.?”

We call on the management of Racksterli to clarify the aforementioned questions in order to quench the anxieties running through the veins of thousands of investors.

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