Racksterli Resumes Refunding Capital to Investors

Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme on Thursday April 22, 2021 resumed the disbursement of Invested Capital back to Investors in the old website.

Evidences obtained by this website showed that some of the Standard Package Investors received their Capital back yesterday.

Recall that since on the 28th of March, 2021, when Racksterli 1.0 went out of business as result of the glitch suffered by its website, the company has been dishing out Invested Capital back to Investors after the platform crashed.

However, for over six days, Racksterli stopped refunding Invested Capital back to Investors. The refunding process stopped because the management of the company had to concentrate on the the Special Double Coupon Offer which officially commenced on Monday April 19, 2021.

What is the ‘Double Coupon Offer’? This is an offer by Racksterli to enable old Investors reclaim their Capital from the old website When they invest in the new site.

For Standard Investors to reclaim their funds from the old website, they need to buy a new standard package coupon on the new site and get double codes. This applied to all the packages available on Racksterli.

Explaining further on why the Refunding process has to stop temporarily, the CEO of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme, Mr Michael Chidiebere, explained in a live Instagram broadcast that Racksterli had to be careful in order to avoid paying Investors twice.

He said:

“We have thousands of subscribers mailing us on a daily basis. If after 24hours you have not gotten your code or any response from us, just be calm because you will surely do if you sent correct information and followed instructions.

“A lot of people are trying to play a fast one on us by sending fake alerts and making use of different email addresses.

“You should know that this process is a delicate one and we cannot rush it so that there won’t be any disaster.

“Many said that we have stopped refunding since we started this process of Double Coupon Offer. Please do not forget that this process is also a means of refund which allows you to get your refund instantly through Coupon Codes.

“We cannot run the two processes together (DOUBLE PACKAGE OFFER AND PAYMENT REFUND) because we do not want to make the mistake of paying people twice.

“Some people may have made payment for COUPON CODES and gotten 2CODES, and may also receive payment refund. If this happens, then it is going to be disastrous as you know.

In a related development, see evidence of payments received by investors to buttress that Racksterli paid Investors on Thursday.

While this website commends on the management of Racksterli for not abandoning her Investors, we equally urge them not to disappoint everyone at the end.

So many people are clinging on to hope right now and damaging that may be highly disastrous.

We equally call on the Investors in the old website to continue to trust, have hope, and be patient.

Racksterli has made commitments backed by actions to show that the company is not a fraud, and won’t scam Investors of their money.

Though the refunding process has been and is still painstakingly slow, Racksterli is not running away with Investors Capital.

Remember that there have been several other platforms that have had challenges currently facing Racksterli in the past; these platforms did not survive thereafter and equally failed to refund Invested Capital back to Investors.

But Racksterli is showing so far to be different from everything else. So, we encourage all investors to be supportive till the very end.

If Racksterli as a brand and the CEO of Racksterli happens to be a scam or fraudster at the end, this website will report this development to the whole world.

In the same manner, should Racksterli turned out not to be a scam, then the whole world will equally know that something good can still come out of Nigeria.


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