Racksterli Set To Float Crypto Coin and Exchange Platform

Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme has announced its readiness to float its Crypto Coin and Exchange Platform.

The Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, made this revelation recently to investors of the company.

Mr Michael Chidiebere further revealed that Racksterli has been working on deploying its crypto Coin and exchange platform for more than 11 months and counting.

Mr Michael Chidiebere did not, however, reveal when both the Crypto coin and exchange platform would officially be deployed to investors.

Though both the Crypto coin and exchange platform has not officially been deployed, Mr Michael Chidiebere hinted that investors would be able to make its Crypto coin to carryout business transactions with the Racksterli.

Mr Michael Chidiebere wrote on his official WhatsApp page: “Crypto Coin and Exchange Platform. Both hitting you at the same time.”

“Took 11 months, but was worth it. Racksterli has been waiting for this moment. In a few days, we would come at you”

“You would be able to subscribe to any package on Racksterli with BGC and get paid in BGC as well through our exchange platform.

“Who else saw it coming? I bet you did not”

With Racksterli venturing into the crypto currency market, this new development is definitely going to make the company bigger, stronger financially, and exposed to endless possibilities and opportunities.

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