Racksterli 2.0 to Pay New Website Investors From May 5, 2021

The management of Racksterli Affiliate Marketing Income Programme had announced that the company would formally disburse payments to Investors in the new website tagged ‘Racksterli 2.0’ from on Wednesday May 5, 2021.

The Chief Executive Officer of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere, made this announcement on his official WhatsApp status.

Writing to Subscribers on WhatsApp, he expressed enthusiasm on the determination of Racksterli 2.0 to surpass earlier achievements of the old Racksterli 1.0.

He wrote:

“Tomorrow, a new era officially begins. Greatness only. Greater things shall we do.

“Took us 9 months to break and set records that no one has ever reached nor would reach anytime soon.

“My projection is that in the next 6 months, we would have already surpassed and broken our own records.

“I foresee greatness. We would utilise this stepping stone to climb even higher.

Recall that on April 5th, 2021 Racksterli floated a brand new website tagged ‘Racksterli 2.0’ to carter for the growing needs of investors having the confidence to carry out business transactions with the company.

Following the crashing of Racksterli old website, the company demonstrated to Investors that they are indeed different from everyone else by commencing the refunding process of Invested Capital back to Investors.

This refunding process increased the confidence level of most investors, especially those who had received their Capital back, and ensured that most investors remained loyal to the brand.

Knowing full well that most investors had the back of the company, Racksterli eventually launched a brand new advanced and highly professional website, which was designed by a Foreign IT company.

As Racksterli officially disburse payments to Investors in the new website, it is hoped that Racksterli will not leave behind the Investors in the old website that have not received their Capital back.

Reacting swiftly to these concerns and worries, the CEO of Racksterli, Mr Michael Chidiebere wrote recently on his WhatsApp status:

“I want to assure that when the double Package Offer closes on Friday, refunds would still continue and it is most likely going to become faster by the special Grace of God.

“We have really been making huge progress with the sales of the company’s properties.

“I am happy to announce here and also remind you all that we will stand by our promise of refunding everyone and soon the process would be become faster and everyone would be happy once again

Meanwhile, Mr Michael Chidiebere had further revealed that Racksterli have successfully refunded Invested Capital back to over 200,000 Investors on the old website.

“Just so you know, out of over 395,000 subscribers on the old website, only around 167,000 investors are yet to be refunded”, Mr Chidiebere wrote.

“Those who rained curses and insulted us when they had not been paid are not exactly coming out to acknowledge that they have been refunded.

“We will not be paying attention to those attempting to distract and derail us from our goals.

“We would focus on fulfilling our promise of refunding Invested Capital back to everyone, and we do not care if our efforts are appreciated or not.

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