Racksterli’s Top Coupon Vendor pens an emotional letter to Investors

One of the Top Coupon Vendors of Racksterli Investment Platform Scheme, Bola Olabode, has penned an emotional letter to all investors of the company.

Read the full message below:

It saddens my heart that you unfortunately think I’m more privileged in this situation than you. Yes I am a vendor and I seem close to BG but here’s the reality at this point – I’m treated just as an investor as you.

I’ve been into investment all my life and for the first time I became a vendor on racksterli. I believe most of you joined the platform either because of your trust in the CEO or even Davido. Its the same for me. I trusted BG despite never having met him, I went all out.

I give my best in whatever i commit my self into, which is what I tried to achieve as a vendor on this platform by putting my self in your shoes, visiting the office and even going as far as making videos.

All I have done, is my duty as an employee who loves to serve people and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Because I was transparent and open, I don’t think I deserve to be treated the way many of you are to the extent that some of you are planning to find me and kill me.

I am also a victim here. I have 7 accounts with racksterli and my least package is Jasper.

I hear many say vendors have been settled, if this was true, I believe as a top vendor I should have been settled but I haven’t and I must wait just like you all. In fact, many still believe my topaz was fake, I will drop evidences just so you know.

My dm [Direct Message] is too flooded that I sometimes have to go off for a long time. I see all your pains and lamentation but trust me I’m feeling it more because more than 2000 people dump it all on me.

I’m not here to complain or even brag, but I need everyone to understand that I’m also in the same shoes that you are in and even worse.

One update I know and that I’m holding on to is the fact that blackgold has promised he would keep refunding daily of which he has been true to. All we can do is wait for our turns. I don’t have any other update aside this, which is why I’m not saying any thing because there’s actually nothing to say except for other updates from his status that my assistants post. I know waiting is not easy and it’s frustrating but that’s what we can all do now.

Truthfully, I don’t know when it would reach my turn but I will be patient and carry on with life till it does.

It hurts you, it hurts me but I’m most affected.

I have learnt many lessons as an investor, but one great lesson i have learnt from this is never to stick my head out for an investment I do not own no matter my relationship with the owner.

Thank you for reading .



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