Re-Story of an Elderly Woman Abandoned by Relatives; Family Members React, Presents True Account

Re-Story of an Elderly Woman Abandoned by Relatives; Family Members React, Presents True Account.*

commends Anambra Commissioner for Women Affairs

In a swift reaction to a story published across social media platforms on 1st July, 2021 about an elderly woman abandoned by family, the Obi family of Umuomaku community Orumba South LGA, has come out to explain the truth about their lovely sister, Mrs Susanna Obi.

According to a family member one Mr. Chimezie Obi, he explained that, his family didn’t not abandon one of their own but what happened is “our sister Susanna, developed mental illness after the death of her husband, being childless, she returned to our family home where we cared for and did everything possible to find solution to her mental illness to no avail, instead her condition became worst and defied medical and spiritual solutions.”

On the issue of accommodation for their sister, Mr Chimezie Obi, spoke further on the efforts by the family, especially his father Mr John Obi, who was mentioned in the publication by Vincent O Ezechukwu, he explained further that, when Susanna returned from rehabilitation center where she was receiving treatment, the family offered her accommodation in their family house a newly built three bedroom apartment, but unfortunately she turned the offer down and chose to be sleeping at the balcony of the building.

To see that Susanna was comfortable and in a conducive home, the family once again built a stand alone single room apartment, furnished and moved her in, but she again turned the accommodation down and moved away from the family compound, relocating to another family member’s house where she squatted in the balcony, these and every other effort made to make her occupy a room in the house proved abortive as she turned down assistance from members of her immediate family, this is however not surprising, considering her mental state.

The family explained that the story took another twist when a member of the community who has not been home for a long time and oblivion of the pains the Obi family has suffered in providing, medical care, accommodation, food and everything necessary to make Susanna comfortable saw her living rough in the family gate and got NAPTIP involved in the matter.

The family expressed their disappointment with NAPTIP Awka sector, for not investigating the matter or hearing from the family in the course of their intervention.

Mr Wisdom Umeorah, another family member who has also attempted to accommodate Susanna, expressed their happiness that at least their sister will now accept their offer of assistance through Anambra Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, and assured to cooperate with the ministry to finally settle their sister in one of the accommodations made available for her in the family house upon discharge from Hospital.

Consequently family members have also made repeated trips to the hospital where Susanna is receiving treatment to ensure she is well cared for.

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