Relationship and Romance: Wrong Number – Episode 23

Three months after Daniel came back to Nigeria. I went to his place on a particular weekend to pay him a visit. I never knew he could cook, he cooked for me and I enjoyed the food. I packed the dishes from the dining to the kitchen, he tagged along and we washed the dishes together.
“Daniella!” He called out.

“Yes” I answered while arranging the plates into the plate racks.
“I’d like us to step up our friendship” he said.
“Step up our friendship! How?” I asked
“Daniella, I like you so much you know I really do and we really connected well. And I already know you are not in any relationship. Can you please give us a chance and let’s see how things go from here”

I just stood there, starring at him.
“Daniella say something”
“I can’t date you”
“I don’t like you”
“You are joking right?”
“No I’m not” I said sternly
“I’m in” I said smiling

“Thank you” he said. He hugged me and kissed me on the forehead.
“One more thing, Daniella, I don’t believe in pre-marital sex. I don’t know if you share my view” he said
“It’s a lie, I can’t believe my ears, did I hear him right” I thought.
“Did I hear you right?”
“What is it, don’t….

“I can’t believe this is coming from a guy who lived all his life in America” I interrupted him.
“Lets just say my grandma raised me well. She thought me the ways of God and groomed me to be a man that i am today”
“You and your ex girlfriend never got physical?”
“Yes, she’s celebrate, although hers is not for religious reasons” he explained

“I finally got what I ever wanted, a guy that won’t pressure me into having se.x” I thought.
“Seriously I’m still surprised” I voiced out.
“Really, sex is not love, if sex is love then prostitutes will be in love with all their clients”
“Hmm! I’ve made quite a number of mistakes in the past and you’ve given me the opportunity to make things right again. So I’m game”

“Thanks Daniel, God bless the day I met you”
“Meaning we are officially dating right?”
“Yes we are” I replied and we hugged each other.
“I wished I’ve met this kind of guy earlier, maybe I will still be a virgin by now. But there are some things we can’t take back” I thought.

To be continued ….

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