Relocating with your children is a big sacrifice


Elizabeth Badejo

The best part of writing articles about the family is the joy of feedbacks and diverse opinions about this sensitive topic. I certainly knew it wasn’t going to be a smooth sailing experience but considering the dynamics of raising a family today, we must never undervalue its importance. This week, I am re-examining one of the sacrifices parents, especially mothers, make for the benefits of their children and this has become prevalent in many families today.

A mother of four children took me up on last week’s article centred on making life changing sacrifices for the benefit of the children and one aspect she couldn’t understand was why any woman would want to go through the troubles of relocating with her children to start a new life especially if her spouse is not ready to make the same sacrifice. After my conversation with her, I realised there must be so many other women out there sharing similar views and I thought it’s important to shed more light on this subject and perhaps with the hope to bring a vivid understanding to this very significant sacrifices many parents are caught between.


One of the elements of a successful marriage is the joy of breaking boundaries together as a couple and this can only be achieved when you can both make mind bending decisions  which many at times involve making big sacrifices too. The issue of who has to make the most sacrifice is something many couples are faced with but when you both have a good understanding of your plans and what you want to achieve in the end, the issue of who made the most sacrifice will become irrelevant in your marriage.


Relocating to a new city or country with your children is not an adventure even though the little children may think it is; in fact it can be difficult at first considering the culture and language barriers.

On the other hand, it’s a great way to raise resilient children who can see the big picture through their own life changes, valuable experiences and a broad knowledge of the world outside the one they knew before.


Parenting unfortunately does not come with a manual; that is why it is a never ending process which can never be completely understood. Just like your lives changed in a tickle of an eye when you both became parents, change is constant and it can bring both good and not so pleasant surprises also. Sometimes you are left with no choice when situation calls for you to take a drastic decision because you really didn’t have a manual preparing you for a time like this as parents.

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