Right-On Football Fixtures Aussie pools Key 2018 Season Forecast

Right-on Football company is one of the bookmakers and compilers in the football pools betting industry.

The company, just like many others, publishes coupon fixtures for each pool week.

Other publishers are: Banky, England Focus, Soccer Fixtures, Special Advance fixtures, etc.

In the beginning was Numerical fixtures – fixtures without teams. Each bookmakers has its numerical fixtures which are coded numbers.

Right-on publication has its own Numerical fixtures knowing full well that coded draws can be known and identified in advance.

These coded draws are based on colour – colour sequence, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks, and 32 weeks movement respectively.

For those who intend to understand this special record fixtures, you may decide to contact their publishers.

However, for those who cannot purchase the key this paper, kindly study the movement presented below.

As always, put at the back of your mind that nothing is 100% authentic in this business, so do not hold us responsible for misinterpretation of information on the coupon.

What you will find below will give you more idea on how to understand Right-On Football fixtures.

Let me make this clear: I do not have access to their keys, and have never purchased any. With a little bit of luck, you can fully comprehend the information below.

As a guide, based on several months of thorough research, Right-On football fixtures is controlled by “Key” at the back page.

To understand the sequence, you must make reference to how the number placed at “Key” is moved.

Let us use this weekend forecast to illustrate this point further.

These are the forecast games from the aforementioned paper for this week 49, based on its numerical fixtures.

5 Fortune Games column has been producing a banker pair since week 46. Game 1 and 2 have been consistent.

See for yourself:

Week 46:
5 Fortune Games:
Game 1 = 4ffff
Game 2 = 34xxxx
Banker = F. Athena vs Forrestfield @34xxxxx (1-1)
Week 47:
5 Fortune Games:
Game 1 = 48ffff
Game 2 = 3xxxx
Banker = Marconi S vs Bonnyrigg W @3xxxxx (2-2)
Week 48:
5 Fortune Games:
Game 1 = 2xxxx
Game 2 = 47ffff
Banker = Hakoah Sydney vs Sydney Olympic @2xxxxxx
Week 49:
5 Fortune Games:
Game 1 = 41
Game 2 = 37
Banker pair = 37—pair—41
Subiaco vs Joondalup @37

Para Hills vs Sturt Lions @41

These were the forecast for Week 48, 2018 Aussie Season.

1. Since Week 43, 2018, the trio numbers at “Group C box”, which can be found on top of “3 Best Draws” columns, have been ditching a fixed draw.

Week 43:
Group C box:
Northampton vs Oldham @28
Blackburn vs Oxford Utd @24
Preston vs Burton A @20
Trio = 20ffff, 24ffff, 28xxxxx

Week 44:
Group C games:
Aves vs Chavez @41
Nice vs Caen @38
Roma vs Juventus @27
Trio = 27xxxx, 38ffff, 41ffff

Week 45:
Group C numbers:
St. Etienne vs Lille @31
Villarreal vs Real Madrid @13
Sassuolo vs Roma @21
Trio = 31fffff, 13xxxxx, 21fffff

Week 46:
Group C teams:
Dandenong C vs Ballarat C @24
SWQ Thunder vs Redlands @13
Sunshine C vs Mitchelton @19
Trio = 24xxxxx, 13ffff, 19fffff.

Week 47:
Group C games:
Adelaide Olympic vs Sturt L @41
Rochdale R vs Logan L @16
Hume City vs Kingston C @22
Trio = 41xxxxx, 16ffff, 22xxxxx

Week 48:
Group C box numbers:
Apia Leichhardt vs Marconi S @1
Mounties W vs Central Coast @11
Bayswater vs Floreat Athena @28
Trio = (1…,11….,28)
The question is: what will happen to the above numbers this week?

2. This next forecast, in my own summation, is the Nap for this week 48. So, carefully study the movement and see things clearly.

Here is the movement:
Step A = The Key number must enter game 15 or 16 of “Compilers ‘X’ Selections”.
Step B = One of the two super pair numbers to enter game 1 of ” Compilers ‘X’ Verdict”.
Step C = bank on game 1, 5, and first game at “3 Best Draws box”.

Week 16:
Key at game 15 = Oldham vs Scunthorpe @24
Super Pair = 9/10
Compilers X Verdict:
Game 1 = Birmingham vs Aston Villa @9xxxxxx (0-0)
Game 5 = Cardiff vs Millwall @11xxxxx (0-0)
Nap = 4xxxx, 9xxxxx, 11xxxxx.
Week 37:
Key at game 16 = Berwick vs Edinburgh @45
Super Pair = 27/35
Compilers X Verdict:
Game 1 = Dundee vs Dunfermline @35xxxxxx
Game 5 = Halifax vs Solihull M @28xxxx
Nap = 4xxxxx, 28xxxxx, 35xxxxx

Week 48:
Key at game 15 = Spirit FC vs Rydalmere @8
Super Pair = 14/17
Compilers X Verdict:
Game 1 = Dandenong C vs Goulburn V @17
Game 5 = Northecote C vs Hume City @15
Potential Nap = 9/15/17.

Will the Nap play? I do not know, but I do feel that it is worth trying.

The forecast above are the main forecast sequence from Right-On Football Fixtures for week 48.

Good luck!!!

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